It's getting to that time of year ladies! Holiday season is upon us and it feels like anyone and everyone are jetting off all over the globe to get their fix of sun for Summer 2018. Packing and flying are often the most monotonous parts of the trip and something we all dread, so here's a few Odabash top tips to help make the process a little easier!
1. Make a list! Often we all have the best intentions when it comes to allowing plenty of time for packing, but end up doing it in a mad rush. Get organised and spend a lunch-break at working typing up a packing list and think, once you’ve done it you can save and reuse for all future holidays. We recommend starting with ‘Passport’ at the top…
2. Invest in a luggage weigher: Avoid the embarrassment of having to un-zip your case at check in and having to wear half your holiday wardrobe onto the flight by purchasing a hand held luggage weigher. These give super accurate results and just think, if you know you have a spare kilo or two you can pop in a couple more bikinis for at the beach.
3. Prepare your hand luggage:  The night before make sure your camera and iPad are fully charged, download any music or movies you may want to listen to on the plane and either have a book at the ready or you Kindle ready to go. Melissa always makes sure to travel with a bikini, just in case any luggage is lost, that way at least you can go and work on your tan whilst the airport track it down! Sleep masks, moisturiser, socks and a scarf are other essentials we would recommend.
4. Allow plenty of time to travel: No one needs the nightmare of missing their flight and whether you are getting to the airport by tube, train or car make sure you allow time for delays. Usually airports recommend arriving two hours before a flight, so aim to get there thirty minutes earlier than that just in case.
5. Make the most of the terminal: Planes, as fabulous as they are for transporting us to wonderful destinations are not the nicest of environments. Eat before travelling and buy and snacks in the departures lounge; this will always be a more pleasant, tasty and probably a healthier option than any plane food. It’s also a good idea to grab a bottle of water to keep hydrated on the flight and use the toilets in the airport rather than having to squeeze down the aisles and into a small cubicle on the plane. 
Most importantly; sit back, have a safe flight and enjoy your travels!

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