Working closely with her small London based design team, all samples and development are done in house and in her own factory in the UK. Melissa’s design method is meticulous and constantly mindful of fabric innovation, feel and fit, consciously choosing materials that are made through more sustainable processes that in turn lower environmental impact.

Swimwear has always been designed using fabrics that are fast drying, UPF protective and OEKO-TEX certified. Every component of the article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health





     We have very close relationships with our factories, those owned by Melissa Odabash and those that have worked and grown alongside us. To maintain the progress towards sustainability and ethical manufacturing we are regularly visiting them and ensuring they are adhering to our standards. 

    - Fair payment of its employees -

    - Ensuring safe working conditions -

     -Ethical manufacturing standards are met and being progressed -



    Growing her factory and warehouse in the UK has allowed her to develop her designs close to home keeping our carbon footprint low. Working with seamstresses in the UK has allowed the craft to flourish and ensure small collection runs can be produced to manage wastage.


    We built long term relationships with our partners in India, choosing highly skilled artisans to create the beautiful embroidery and in turn supporting the woman in these communities. 



    Melissa’s factories in Italy are family run and have been working in the industry for over 30 years. Building strong bonds and working closely with the seamstresses to craft exceptional swimwear and resort garments that will last and sustain their craft for years to come. These developments have also promoted smaller collection runs so there is less fabric wastage.



    Known for her dynamic prints and ultra-soft fabrics, Melissa has worked with her teams to introduce pioneering fabrics that can be incorporated into her designs without compromising on fit or style.  Working closely with our fabric suppliers we have been careful with how and where our material is sourced. Our suppliers have and continue to make updates and changes to create a more sustainable supply chain. Some key points :

    Transitioned to digital printing reducing water waste by over 90% per meter.

    Green Energy implementation

    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified

    GRS Certified


    Melissa Odabash is committed to improving sustainability in every aspect of operations. We’ve implemented a variety of measures at our headquarters and warehouse to reduce our overall environmental footprint

                  • Our swimwear continues to be supplied in reusable ziplock bags.

                    • We provide non disposable eating products for onsite lunches — only reusable glass, flatware, and dishes.

                    •  We each have refillable Chilli water bottles.

                    • We actively recycle all possible materials.