Hunting for the perfect swimsuit is a task most of us dread and would really rather if someone else did it for us. Luckily, personal stylist Orla Sheridan shares her 'golden rules' when it comes to swimwear shopping- and one rule involves not even leaving the house! Here's a few of our favourite:

1. Choose Quality over Quantity.

2. Focus on your assets! Good bust? Try a style that draws attention to that area- we recommend the Panarea for sophistication and elegance.

3.Wear some fake tan to help with body confidence and put you in the holiday mood!

4. Don't forget a matching kaftan! See our full range here

5. Shop online! Buy as many styles and sizes as you like and try in the comfort of your own home- we offer free UK returns to make choosing the perfect swimsuit as easy as possible! To read the rest of Orla's tips and to discover her blog, click here!



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