The hustle of our daily life can sometimes make us put our hopeful travel plans on the back burner. So, a swift last minute city break is just what is needed to get you out of a rut. Here’s a guide to magnificent Marrakesh to get your fill on adventure and inspiration.


Located on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Marrakesh is an evocative city bustling with robust energy and fascinating historical sites. You wouldn’t believe this magnificent city is only 4 hours away from London! Melissa herself is a huge admirer and recommends it to anyone who loves experiencing new cultures.


An authentic Moroccan experience can’t be complete without a stay at a Riad. (A Riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house built round a central courtyard.) Take cover from the hustle and bustle of the Souq in The Riad Talaa 12 Hotel and experience serenity in this charming boutique hotel. The hotel offers traditional hammam and Moroccan Massage perfect to rejuvenate and relax your mind and body.


Spend an afternoon exploring the vast ruins of the El Badi Palace. This spectacular palace was built at the end of the sixteenth century and is a symbol of what Marrakesh must have been like several decades ago. Translated as ‘The Incomparable’, today, there remains impressive walls, sunken orchards and high terrace with a stunning view of the Marrakesh city and Atlas Mountains.


For a unique dining experience, lunch on the terraces of La Table Du Riad at 72 Riad Living Hotel  while enjoying the view of the glorious Atlas Mountains. The hotel offers authentic Moroccan cuisine made from fresh seasonal products that will excite your taste buds like no other.


Whether you are relaxing at the spa or exploring the city, the latest SS19 High Summer collection offers amazing versatile luxury beachwear pieces tailored perfectly for your trip to Marrakesh.

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