A sought after name in the beauty and wellness industry, we sat down with Lucy Goff, founder of LYMA to chat about her innovative laser device and super supplements and how they work together to target common skin concerns - from wrinkles and sagging skin to pigmentation, rosacea and acne.
Lucy Goff
Q: How did you make the move from journalist to Beauty and Tech Innovator?
A: I’d love to say that it was my plan all along but truthfully, as with many great things in life, it was by pure chance and through overcoming adversity. I had a long-standing career as a journalist and then in PR. When I took a break to have my first child and subsequently caught septicaemia, I was physically and mentally broken. Several leading physicians prescribed me a convoluted cocktail of different drugs, all of which made me feel worse but a chance encounter with Professor Paul Clayton who’s a world authority on preventative degenerative disease changed everything. 

 Paul introduced me to the hidden category of evidence-based nutrition and prescribed me only peer-reviewed, patented ingredients each dosed at active levels. These supplements had been formulated in a way that my body could actually absorb and make use of, so in a matter of weeks I felt fully restored and strong again. It was this experience that led to the launch of LYMA

Q: What is the ethos behind LYMA?

A: Creating change. Be that through technological advancement, petitioning supplement industry standards or the elongating the human health span. LYMA is about stretching the limits of what’s possible. It's always been inbuilt in me to challenge people’s preconceived ideas and make them re-evaluate how they think. Right now, all supplements sold today deliver no proven benefits yet are still perfectly legal to sell. Doesn’t that feel morally and ethically wrong? Likewise professional in-clinic lasers launch thermal destruction on skin to regenerate collagen. Does it really have to be that way? When you harness scientific endeavour to its full potential, you can throw out the existing rule book and that’s exactly what LYMA does.


Q: What makes your product and treatment unique from the rest?

 A: No smoke, no mirrors, just full transparency and proof. Everything we do at LYMA is backed by science, peer-reviewed by independent experts and formally proven to work. Customers don’t need to hope our products work, they know they will. The LYMA Supplement is the first and only formula in the world that is engineered with ten patented ingredients at their proven dosage levels – developed to the same level as a pharmaceutical drug. Likewise the LYMA Laser is the world’s most powerful at-home skincare device and a first for inclusive beauty because it’s the only zero damage laser device that’s suitable for all skin tones. From wrinkles and sagging skin to pigmentation, rosacea and acne, finally people are achieving the skin they want and deserve. 

Q: What are the main benefits of using the LYMA Laser?

A: The LYMA Laser has the power to stop skin from aging. We see results every day of people fading out their unwanted lines and wrinkles, treating long-term pigmentation marks and increasing the resilience of their skin, no clinic visits required. Through low-level laser therapy (LLLT) that’s completely safe and robustly proven, the Laser delivers unrivalled results.

LYMA Laser

Q: Is there an age at which women should start considering Laser treatment?

A: The moment you want to change your skin. Customers come to LYMA to tackle a specific skin concern that has perhaps been knocking their confidence for years, but they haven’t known how to go about it. With aging, everyone’s skin is genetically different - customers come to us to both turn back time on their skin or prevent the early signs of aging they are noticing.  We have 22-year-olds and 82-year-olds getting dramatic results from our Laser respectively. 

Q: When it comes to skincare, what do women often forget?

A: Less is more. It’s so tempting to overload the skin with hi-tech formulas promising the world but that only confuses it. Keep it simple with a few proven, science-backed products. 

Q: What’s the best beauty advice you can give?

A: Look after your body and your skin will follow. The body is one beautiful, complex organism and everything is connected. A balanced mood and positive outlook go a long way to both what you feel on the inside and how you come across on the outside. The LYMA Supplement is a steadfast part of my beauty routine and I see consistent improvements in my sleep, brain power and consequently my skin, hair and nails too. I have to say coming up to my 50th birthday, the LYMA Laser helps considerably too. I’ve been using it five days per week for over two years now and my skin looks better than it did when I was in my thirties.

Q: What’s next for LYMA?

A: Our future roadmap is focused on delivering more category transcending products that will enrich the lives of everyone LYMA touches. I’m sworn to secrecy, but the next LYMA launch is set to disrupt the market more than anything that’s gone before. We are so super excited about what 2023 has to offer and hope that our customers love our new products as much as we do already. Watch this space. 

Lucy Goff

Q: If you could go back and do something different, would you and if so what would it be?

A: I wouldn’t want to do anything differently, but I wouldn’t mind going back to feel a few things twice again. I would have loved to have been awake during the birth of my daughter, to experience her first breath and hear her gulp after taking her first cry. I had an emergency C-section under general anaesthetic, so part of me feels I missed out on her first moments. She’s more than made up for it since then though, I assure you! 

Q: In my beach bag you will always find…

A: The LYMA Laser! It often shocks people to see but it’s amazing for sunbathing. I’m there poolside with my headphones on, lasering my face and body, reversing sun damage before it has a chance to form. Come on, that's the future, no? It’s also brilliant to use after sun exposure to help calm the skin down by tackling inflammation and redness in the skin. I always travel with the LYMA Supplement too because the potent ingredients reduce jet lag and help me sleep no matter the time zone. It’s best taken with food, so I like to have it in my bag when I’m hopping from one restaurant to the next.  

Q: Which pieces from our 2023 Cruise Collection would you wear on your next getaway?

A: I would pack the Barcelona White Bikini for a few days in when you have a tan and the Yanni White Shorts is great to add for lunch if it’s hot and you don’t want to wear a t-shirt. The Bari Red Ridges Bikini with classic fedora is perfect to fall asleep wearing in the shade. For a bit of bling, you can't go wrong with the Key Largo Gold Bikini paired with the Jess Boho Dress.

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