First off, we would like to wish all our readers A Happy New Year!

We truly hope your holidays were filled with an abundance of blissful time spent with family and friends. And as we return to our respective obligations and write down our resolution for the New Year, it can seem like an arduous task to completely reinvent yourself and employ change. However, it’s all about being clear on the new habits you wish to implement and how you strategize the changes. We say start with small habits that doesn’t concur with your goals, replace them with new ones, be consistent, and with time, observe how it slowly starts to permeate into your being. Whether it’s a solo trip you’ve always wanted to take, learning a new language or an activity you’ve wanted to partake in; challenge yourself to disrupt your old thinking and familiarise yourself with new situations to embed a new self-image.


As simple as changing your wardrobe and style can inspire you. The clothes you choose reflect your mood and confidence and by reinventing what you wear and how you wear it can shift not only people’s impression of you but also your perception of you. That inner shift will bring the outer change, so allow every aspect of you to evolve with you, even your style! Use clothes as a metaphor to realise the fact that you can handle the change that is coming your way. Be bold, be clear on what you want and shop with purpose!

Buying clothes doesn’t have to be overwhelming as we have consolidated key pieces from our SS19 Resort Collection that will rejuvenate your wardrobe. Breathe a new life into your wardrobe and hit refresh with mint greens, neutral whites, bold yellows and paisley prints. This capsule collection has everything you need for any destination and occasion. Detox your wardrobe as you awaken to the call of new beginnings. New horizons are calling you…


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