Shivi Ramoutar

We caught up with celebrity chef Shivi Ramoutar, author of 'Caribbean Modern and 'The Ice Kitchen'. Hailed by the Guardian as ‘Caribbean Food Supremo’ Shivi is cooking up a storm and is a culinary force to be reckoned with!  Catch her cooking every Saturday morning, alongside Martin and Roman Kemp, on ITV’s Martin and Roman’s Weekend Best, from 8.30am.

 Your cooking is heavily Caribbean influenced, where do you find inspiration for your recipes?

 I am Trinidadian born, so my influence has come from this island, as well as the other lush and vibrant islands of the Caribbean.  It is all about bright bold colour and flavour.

 What is your favourite recipe from your book Caribbean modern?

Ah, this is so difficult to decide as I adore them all, but I would say the Jerk Pork Watermelon Salad is a sublime contrast of sweet spice meat and refreshing salted watermelon.  It is a combination that really works so well.

You were born in Trinidad but moved to England aged 8, have you revisited since?

I did indeed, with a little pit-stop in New York for a few years.  I go back to Trinidad often as family still lives out there and my Dad is currently based in the BVI.  Hopefully once travel is less restricted I will get out there again.

When you travel do you like to cook or do you prefer to sample the local cuisine?  

A bit of both.  If I have a kitchen, then I like to visit local markets to buy local produce and cook with it.  But mostly I would try the cuisine in the local setting, from street vendors and restaurants, having heavily researched and found recommendations.

Could you tell us a little about your latest book the ice kitchen?  

This book was timely, as it was released during the first lockdown in 2020.  It still has my original inspiration of the Tropics, that is to say, bright, bold, vibrant flavours and colours.  Happy food.  But The Ice Kitchen brings this into the realm of saving time, money and avoiding waste, by simply using a freezer in the most optimal way.  It is such a great tool to preserve food, and it doesn’t have to mean grey ice-burnt Bologneses, or pizzas, there is so much wonderful happy food that can come from the freezer.  It genuinely is the way I live now, using the freezer to make life easier, without any compromise on taste or texture.

Quickfire questions:

Whats your holiday style?

I think I’m a chameleon when it comes to holidays, some days I love bright, flirty fun and other days more chic, neutral attire.

Favourite accessory on the beach?

Sun hat!  I always end up taking far too many hats on holidays.

Swimsuit or bikini?


Pool or Sea?  


What smell reminds you most of holiday and why?

Sun lotion, right now I find myself whisked away to the tropics if I catch a drift of it on someone.

Where is the best beach you've visited?  

For nostalgia and memory, Pigeon Point in Tobago, for sheer breathtaking beauty, the beaches in the Maldives.

How do you adapt your beauty routine on holiday?

I keep it to a minimal, SPF 50 during the day, and during the evening a super hydrating moisturiser, a peachy lipgloss and mascara.

Go to beach hairstyle?  

I’m lucky that my natural wild waves are totally acceptable on the beach and could even pass as beach hair :)!

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