With many countries slowly easing travel restrictions, getaway plans among holidaymakers are well and truly underway. The preparation of visas, medical checks and packing lists are usually all in order but what we often forget, especially travelling to beach destinations, is preparing our body and mind. 

Melissa shares 5 simple ways she prepares herself which you can also implement to get yourself beach ready.

Melissa Odabash Fru Yellow Beach Dress
1)   As my holiday countdown begins, I have an Epsom salt bath every week to detox my skin and start using a natural body brush as part of my morning routine. Dry buffing your body daily helps to remove any dead skin and toxins, leaving your skin smooth, toned and radiant.
2)   Invest in a good quality and reliable fake tan. Making sure you’re nice and bronzed when shopping for swimwear completely changes your attitude towards your body because a good tan creates shadows in all the perfect places. My favourite is Vita Liberata's pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse.
Melissa on the beach
3)  Get yourself active a few weeks before the beach. I like jogging and I think it’s a great way to work out the whole body. Always remember to drink lots of water and perhaps a few massages if you get a chance – they are fantastic to boost mental well-being, increase relaxation and lower stress.
      4)   A beauty essential you’ll always find in my beach bag will be Rita Rakus' Protect SPF 50 – it’s the only face protection that stops me breaking out. It’s always so important to make sure you have protection on your skin when out and about in the sun.
      5)   Before I hit the beach, I jump in the shower, turn on the cold water and use the shower head to spray up and down my legs for 5 minutes - it tones and tightens all your muscles and skin. It’s a beauty trick that I have relied on for years!


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