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Melissa Recommends - CPJ Cold-Pressed Juicing

As you may well know, Melissa is a living, breathing advocate of the healthy lifestyle she promotes and this week saw our head office receive a huge delivery of cold-pressed juices and shots from a wonderful brand that Melissa had been recommended by a friend.
Naturally after hearing rave reviews about the health benefits her friends had seen she wanted to try them for herself and we think it’s fair to say she’s already hooked!

These juices from CPJ Cold-Pressed Juicing and shots are packed full of all the vitamins, minerals and goodness you would expect, but all with the convenience of them being delivered to your door!
There’s no need to get up from your bed, desk or sofa to get your juice fix, as with CPJ you can receive your juice-cleanse and nutritional needs with the click of a button. They have thought of everything to make juicing easy and effortless for us as busy customers. CPJ offer weekly planners where you can match the most relevant juices to what your body will need depending on your schedule. You can even purchase juice ‘packs’ which are designed for specific daily and lifestyle needs such as; athletic performance, stress relief, and skin rejuvenation.

There are multiple health benefits of cold-press juicing as with this method the extraction is heat free, meaning less micronutrients are lost. Each juice is made to be consumed on the day it’s prepared as – hence the daily delivery available Monday to Friday and you can even have a nutritional consultation where CPJ will calculate what juices will work best for your health and lifestyle needs. We love how bespoke this service is, after all, everyone’s bodies are different and need a range of different fuels to keep ticking over.

Melissa particularly loved the shots and found them a quick and convenient way to get a quick dose of health. The F3 ‘Restorative’ Ginger and Cox apple shot was by far her favourite and not only does it taste yummy, but also contains B-complex Vitamins which speed up your metabolism, has antioxidant effects that slow down the ageing process and even helps promotes healthy digestion.

With the weekend coming up, we also think the Reboot ‘Fortifying’ juice is the perfect thing to have stocked ready and waiting in your fridge. Packed full of a variety of vegetables, this juice contains Vitamins A, C and Iron and helps to break down fat stored from alcohol and junk food consumption AND reduce water retention – perfect!

So all that’s left to say is, join the convenient cold-pressed juice revolution and get clicking for the most convenient health fix around…

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