Steph Adams, a beauty expert and health enthusiast talks us through the inspiration behind her new collaborative cookbook 'Good to Glow' and the impact our diet has on our beauty.


What was the inspiration behind compiling this cookbook?

The inspiration behind Good to Glow that I co-authored with Tali Shine was to share delicious, healthy and creative dishes from around the world. It is also a fabulous travel guide showcasing some of the best hotels, spas and cafes around the world that all have healthy, gluten-free dishes.

Was there a particular reason that you chose to include recipes from different hotels, celebrities and experts?

It's always interesting to hear about what other peoples favourite dishes are, as well as learning about the brands they represent and the places in which they exist.

Which recipe is your personal favourite?

I'm obsessed with My Goodness Berlin's Matcha energy balls - I love healthy snacks on the run. Although I'm dying to make the Melissa Odabash’s Fitness Balls and maybe they'll become my new favourite!


What advice would you give to readers who may not currently have such a health focused diet, but that are open to giving it a try?

Its best to incorporate healthy choices slowly. Each day is a new day - just start out by having a green juice in the morning every day and slowly introduce nutritious foods.

What impact would you say diet has on beauty and what foods can make a noticeable difference to our skin?

Diet has a huge impact on our skin. We need plenty of water to be flushing out toxins and some of the best foods for your skin are: Broccoli because its antioxidant-rich, Carrots because they are full of Vitamin A and Atlantic Salmon for its high levels of Omega-3's. I also love Chloryphyll - you can buy it in pill form or liquid and its great because it clears the skin and is known to lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss as it has the ability to bind and remove toxic heavy metals from your body like mercury - making it the perfect food source to help with detoxing and cancer prevention. Although it should be avoided if you are pregnant.



What’s your holiday style?

I love being near the water, so I guess just plenty of swimwear!
Favourite accessory for at the beach?
I love a sheer sarong, especially in Europe where women go mostly naked.
Swimsuit or Bikini?
Pool or sea?
What smell reminds you of holiday the most and why?
Coconut, Lemon grass remind me of Hawaii and Barbados. Jasmine reminds me of the South of France, so much of it grows around there.
Where is the best beach you’ve ever visited?
Barbados, Hawaii and I love the beaches in Perth.
How do you adapt your beauty routine on holiday?
I am constantly wearing moisturiser, sunscreen and Lucas Pawpaw cream so my lips don't dry out.
What’s your go-to beach hairstyle?
Salty hair - don’t care - especially while you a sipping a cocktail!

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