Mindfulness was the word on everyone’s lips in 2018 and it seems like it will follow through for good reasons into 2019. A chain reaction of people awakening to the importance of being present has been evident through the popularity of mindfulness content in various social media platforms. People have embraced social media as a platform to communicate about mental well-being and it’s not just ordinary people but celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lawrence have candidly opened up about their own struggles. This has in many ways lifted the stigma of mental illness and is an informed step towards building a community of happy and balanced individuals.


Meditation has been touted as the greatest tool to reach that peaceful state and as we comprehend its life changing benefits, mastering the art of meditation can be a valuable meta-skill to acquire for a balanced life. Meditation doesn’t have to be this esoteric experience that everyone has perceived it to be. Reported by Forbes, as simple as controlling your breath has been scientifically proven to calm your brain and boost the immune system.

Undertaking meditation doesn’t require you to go on an expensive retreat in an exotic destination. There’s a plethora of mobile apps in the market with fantastic knowledge and resources to help you through your journey in the comfort of your own home. We have spotlighted three apps that offer guided meditations and teachings from certified experts to help you reveal a healthier and happier version of you.

Headspace App



Founded by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace is a unique app with quirky illustrations and animations helping you on your journey to mindfulness. Their mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world and with free Basics course that are bite-sized, they’re perfect when you’re short on time. Here's what Sarah Romotsky, Headspace's Head of Heath & Science Strategy had to say:

"Headspace is meditation made simple so no matter where you are, how much time you have, and what you want to accomplish, Headspace can help you be healthier and happier." 

Try Headspace for free.

Clementine App


Founded by Kim Palmer & Annie Ridout, Clementine app is designed for women to help feel less stressed and gain confidence. It can be pretty hard to create a balanced life with so much noise and Clementine is the voice of reason to guide women in their journey to emotional well-being. Here's what founder Kim Palmer had to say about the app:

"Our mission is to support women to feel strong, empowered and live an unlimited life. Our focus is on better sleep, less worry and feeling more confident. We do this via our 4.6/5-star App that uses hypnotherapy not meditation to help women in everyday situations where they feel anxious, worried or stressed. We use hypnotherapy because it’s easy to access for women who are tired, stressed and frazzled. There is no pressure with hypnotherapy. You can drift off to sleep and the suggestive techniques still work. That’s why women love it."

Calm App


Calm offers 100+ guided mediations to elevate any anxiety, stress and help you find peace of mind. Endorsed by celebrities like John Mayer they offer video lessons on mindful movements and gentle stretching. They are offering a 7-day free trial for a limited time so try it now to experience feelings of gratitude and calmness.

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