With the start of the New Year imminent, it's customary to see people heading towards their nearest gym franchise to fulfill their resolution of a healthier body. We’ve all been there; we get excited about the new routine and as the months progress, our motivation to workout dwindles.

To elevate you from the gym rut we have put together fun fitness classes you can try that will keep you active with the added entertainment. London has an endless amount of classes at your doorstep to get you looking and feeling your best for the holiday season and the New Year.

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Dance: Let loose, put your dancing shoes on and groove to the beat. Pineapple Dance Studios offers classes ranging from Street to Jazz suitable for all levels. They host over 200 scheduled dance classes each week so there's bound to be a dance style fitting for your enjoyment. Try a class now!

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Barre Work: Incorporating movements derived from ballet, Barrecore is the place for you to get your muscles moving and sculpt your entire body. "The Barrecore Method builds on a range of intense isometric dance-based movements and static stretches which effectively, efficiently and safely reshapes your entire body and helps you create a long and lean physique." Find out about the pricing here.

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Hot Yoga: Get your sweat on and try hot yoga. Hotpod Yoga offers a unique experience where you step inside an inflatable cocoon-like space heated to 37 degrees and practice postures rooted in vinyasa flow. The pod creates a tranquil atmosphere to practice yoga as you sweat and eliminate toxins from your body. Try a class now!

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Boxerina: Experience a unique fusion of boxing and ballet at Paola’s Body Barre. This class works your entire body as you alternate between shadow boxing and passé, kick-boxing and deep plié. Be sore in places you never knew possible. Try a class now!

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