No other colour has a way of communicating life and richness like red. The boldness of red has been able to transcend history and culture through its opulent vibrancy making it a darling of emperors, Hollywood starlets and catwalks for all seasons. Red has also always been synonymous with passion and desire perfectly capturing the essence of love and romance.

Featuring striking designs combined with sultry red hue and nautical stripes, Melissa’s 2020 Resort capsule collection is a contemporary homage to this timeless colour. The collection embodies the free-spirited bohemian aesthetic and glamour reminiscent of the Italian Riviera in the 60s making it the ultimate curation of pieces for a stylish getaway.
Here's  more on  the inspiration behind the collection from Melissa:
 “I love to travel and I am lucky enough to get to do quite a lot of it, so this is where I get so much of my inspiration from. Experiencing cultures, interesting buildings, people, colours – there are so many aspects that inspire my collections. When I am on the beach, I also look at bikinis and think about what I could alter to make them more flattering or fit better. I want the women that wear my collection to feel confident above all else.”

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