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This week @suncherries shares her tips on ways to keep fit during the colder months.

Sun Cherries

Hi there, I hope everyone has made the most of autumn and hope you are just as excited as me about the Holiday Season coming upon us. I don’t know about yourselves, but I find it very hard to stay fit during the winter months… I feel less motivated to exercise, and my body craves the not-so-healthy, carb-loaded, comfort food options at the supermarket. And if you have a sweet tooth as big as mine, that’s not ideal! I have put together the Why’s and the How’s of staying fit and healthy during the colder months; when we sadly can’t wear designer bikinis, and our bodies are wrapped up in our favourite knits.

Let’s get our motivation going with why it is important to stay active during this season.

Sun Cherries

I am sure you are all experiencing the shortening in the daylight… it’s dark by 4pm now, before most people leave work. We don’t see much daylight these days making it less likely to get our daily intake of Vitamin D resulting in sickness, fatigue, depression, muscle pain, just to name a few. Also it’s the season of Winter Blues or the more serious SAD (Seasonal Affecting Disorder), and all of that for sure affects our mood, our motivation, and our overall health. That’s why working out in winter is beneficial: it energizes your body and boosts your immune system, which will help you keep the undesired cold and flu at bay. Also, have you heard of endorphins? Well, these hormones are released during exercise and they help relieve pain and induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria - bye-bye winter blues!

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It is also proven that working out in the colder months will help you burn more calories as your body needs to work harder to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm. So you would really make the most of that run or brisk walk outdoors. The colder temperatures will also help if you are the type of person that turns into a lobster covered in sweat 5min into your work out (like me!). You can curate your workout outfit and make the most of the art of layering. You can decide how many layers you need at every stage of your workout.

And lastly… that comfort food could actually be your best well-deserved meal after an intense workout session. It’s a win win!

Alright, now we know why working out in winter is good for our bodies, let’s talk about how we can achieve that.

If you are lucky enough to get a decent 1hr lunch break, why not go out for a run/jog outside? If it’s sunny, you will even benefit from the wonders of Vitamin D. Believe me, you will feel awesome afterwards. Otherwise, you can join one of these famous bootcamps around London on the weekend, or go to a park and do your own workout if you are creative enough. What’s better than grabbing a buddy for an outdoor workout and go for a healthy brunch afterwards?


If you are member of a gym then you have no excuse! They offer all the equipment you need to smash your winter goals and you can always take part in a group class if you need that extra boost of motivation from an instructor. Usually they open long hours and weekends so you can go at any time. Plus, some of them will even have a spa area where you can relax and warm up in the Jacuzzi, sauna or steam room before you go out in the cold again.

If you do not fancy gyms or the outside, you can make the most of a home workout. There is plenty of resources for you to have a great session without leaving your living room. I sometimes opt for that type of workout and find ideas on Youtube or Instagram - some of the most famous fitness influencers even have an app packed with workouts and nutrition tips for you to keep a healthy lifestyle, like SWEAT by Kayla Itsines or Keep It Cleaner by Stephanie Smith and Laura Henshaw. Also, a resistance band workout at home is one of my go-to’s when I want to stay fit in the comfort of my home or when travelling (they are so cheap and easy to pack as they take no space at all).

’Tis the season to be Jolly, so make sure to enjoy the winter workouts and those mince pies will taste even sweeter! Love, Laura xx

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