With winter well and truly underway, our skin is bearing the brunt. And it doesn’t help that we subject our skin to heated indoors, hot showers and harsh winds causing further loss of moisture and radiance. In our quest for achieving healthy and glowing skin, we sat down with Sarah Chapman, London’s sought after expert in the beauty industry, to uncover tips and must-have products to keep us glowing during the colder months.

Sarah Chapman

Please tell us how you got started in the beauty industry. What inspired you to establish Skinesis?

Skinesis was born from my desire to create luxurious products that deliver clinical results at home. I noticed that the products I could rely on for results in the clinic came in medical-type packaging that clients wouldn’t necessarily want to add to their bathroom shelves. My clients have always been the inspiration behind new formulas, focusing on product and treatment development to target the skin concerns I treat every day, pushing the boundaries of skincare and always thinking outside the box. 

Winter season often results in our skin losing its radiance and moisture. What are some must-have products to retain the radiance and deal with dry, flaky skin?

Hyaluronic acid is one the most effective ingredients in boosting your skin’s moisture levels. When your skin is dehydrated, it can become irritated and prone to bacterial infections, creating spots and inflammation. My Intense Hydrating Booster features hyaluronic acid with a low-molecular weight, which means it has small particles that penetrate deeper into the skin. It can be easily added to your existing morning and night routines and even topped up throughout the day if your skin is particularly dry. I often tell my clients, “every time you need a glass of water, your skin needs this!”  Alternatively, Liquid Facial Resurfacer is ideal for tackling dry and uneven skin. Its combination of face-friendly phytic, lactic and multi-fruit acids effectively remove rough, dry dead cells to dramatically improve texture and skin tone.

Sarah Chapman Products

What makes your products and treatment unique from the rest?

A bespoke approach to skincare and treatments has always been at the very heart of everything I do, because it ensures results. My Skinesis Bespoke Facials vary every time, depending on current skin concern and condition, regardless of whether a client is new or has been treated for many years. My personally trained team of therapists work with each client to tailor both their treatments in the clinic and after-care at home, creating a bespoke programme depending on each individual’s primary and secondary skin concerns. As both a facialist and a cosmetic scientist, my unique ‘From Face to Formula’ approach ensures skincare that delivers outstanding results. By studying the complexions of so many women and men in my treatment room, I am able to create scientific formulas to address the real skin concerns I see every day.

We would love to know your skincare routine! Could you briefly go through your skincare steps?

While we used to talk about ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ as the ideal evening regime, I now recommend ‘cleanse, serum, moisturise’ as the most effective way to transform the skin. 

Every morning I begin by cleansing with my Ultimate Cleanse before applying my daytime serum, Age-Repair Concentrate, to firm my skin and treat signs of ageing. Following this I apply Dynamic Defence Concentrate as my day cream; it has SPF15 for essential daily UV protection and it also makes a great make-up base. If I want to wear less make-up I will swap this for Skin Insurance which has a beautiful adaptable tint that gives you that healthy, post-facial glow. Finally, I use Eye Recovery around my eye contour as this lightweight formula has been especially formulated to respect the delicate skin in this area. 

In the evening I’ll always give my face another good cleanse to remove my daily make-up, and if I’ve been in town for meetings this also removes all the daily grime from the city. I then apply my Eye Recovery around my eyes before indulging in my favourite night-time product, Overnight Facial, which hydrates, repairs, comforts and brightens my skin by morning. I apply my targeted Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex to treat crepiness, sagging and sun damage in this often-neglected area, and Overnight Body everywhere else.

Sarah Chapman Serum

What age do you advise women to start using regenerating skincare products?

It totally varies depending on the individual – no two skins are the same. I have girls as young as 16 who come to the clinic with hormonal skin worries and also regularly get new clients who are much older and looking for something very targeted. Skincare certainly can be used as much as a preventative measure as a cure, but it is also never too late to add cosmeceuticals to your routine. If you are new to high-potency formulas, regardless of your age, you will need to build up your skin’s tolerance to retinols and vitamin A to prevent a reaction – so bear this in mind.

What’s next for Skinesis?

We’re constantly looking to deliver greater results both in the clinic and at home. Look out for innovative new formulas with pioneering active ingredients and a constantly evolving range of clinical treatments using cutting-edge research and the most advanced technology available.  We are really excited that we are also expanding our clinic treatment rooms so will be able to reduce our 4 month waiting list soon! 

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