Perfume to most of us is very personal, we may have an array of perfumes we choose from daily or we may have a go to signature scent. Either way, Fragrance is a magical little thing with the power to evoke memories good and bad; inspires fantasies and tell others a little bit about you are with just a turn of the head.
Perhaps you have always wondered if it was possible to create your own perfume? The answer is most definitely YES. Where are you asking?Let us introduce, The Perfume Studio.

The renowned company began over ten years ago with the aim of bringing the art of bespoke perfumery to everyone through providing exclusive consultations for those looking to build and create their own unique and special perfume. We were all so intrigued by the process that we arranged for Perfume Stylist Benjamin Janousek to spend an afternoon at Odabash HQ so he could provide a one-to one fragrance consultation with Melissa.


During the afternoon Melissa was able to sample each blend while Benjamin was on hand to offer fantastic knowledge of the properties which encompass within each blend and at the same time provided fabulous guidance which enabled Melissa to build her own unique and special fragrance. Benjamin was equipped with an exquisite range of blends sourced from the world’s finest ingredients and Melissa was able to learn from him all about the range and how it includes musky notes to fruity top notes- all inclusive of the fine fragrance blends which represent the entire spectrum of human emotion. Benjamin spoke about how important it was to identify and appreciate the type of note each blend is from, explaining that top notes which although won’t last long, make a very memorable first impression and middle notes which are arguably the most important part of a fragrance and set the tone. To base notes which form the body of a fragrance and can last for a very long time and while base notes are not vital to a fragrance, for those who are seeking longevity they are exceptionally popular.


After much deliberation and consideration Melissa decided upon her favourite blends, Benjamin was then able to create Melissa her own bespoke fragrance, where she was given a beautiful bottle alongside a travel size roller ball. We would like to thank Benjamin enough for providing such a wonderful afternoon full of fabulous guidance and knowledge into the Perfume industry! It was so great to learn something we previously knew so little about! We cannot recommend The Perfume Studio enough for a truly one of a kind experience which is hard to find elsewhere.

Where can you enjoy the experience yourself?
The Perfume Studio can be enjoyed nationwide at a variety of venues as well as Flagship Master classes held in London & Manchester. They also offer a verity of luxurious exclusive private consultations, including 'A Day with a Perfumer' and 'The Ultimate Experience' delivered at the comfort of your own home. Sounds divine to us! If you fancy something a bit more sociable they also offer group consultations where you can enjoy the perfume experience whether it be a birthday party or perhaps a hen party. Be sure to check out The Perfume studio which provides a clear and detailed insight into the wonderful perfume experiences they have to offer.

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