Madeline Roberts, Fashion Stylist of Billion 'Slave to the Vibe' video we were raving about on Friday spills the inside secrets on being a stylist and how she became a success in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

What made you decide to go into a career in styling?

After a few years working in design and production in Australia, I found myself helping out a few friends who had their own labels more and more with their look books and campaigns. What started as a few projects led to more and more, and then all of a sudden I was styling full time, packed up my bags and moved to London!

How did you go about breaking into such a competitive industry and what did you do to gain experience, is there any advice you would give to our readers?

To surround yourself with like-minded people, find a circle you trust and stick with them. I’ve always just tried to align myself with similar up and coming directors, photographers, designers, make up artists and models to help gain more experience and exposure.

 Talk us through your day (and any preparations you had to make beforehand) when you styled Billion ‘Slave to the Vibe’ music video.

When styling a music video it’s really important to stick to the director's brief and vision. Each director is different, but luckily Jake really gets the importance of good styling, so he usually lets me run with it! Once we’ve come up with a concept and mood board, it’s then up to me to source clothing and contact appropriate labels. The Billon ‘Slave to the vibe’ music video was a little bit different in the way that we were working with professional dancers instead of models, which meant we needed a few additional outfit options in case anything restricted their movements. You have to think about every potential problem and try to prepare for it.

What are the secret essentials that you always carry round in your styling kit?

My little thread snips, they come with me everywhere!

What has been your favourite shoot to style and which famous model or celebrity has been your favourite to work with?

Probably the music video I styled for for Jarryd James' song Give Me Something. We shot in this amazing house out in the middle of the Palm Springs desert - the location was incredible. It was probably one of the toughest pre-production and shoot I’ve ever worked on – but I guess the best ones always are!

Quickfire Questions

What’s your holiday style?

Anything relaxed, outdoors and tropical.

Favourite accessory for at the beach?

My round Ray Bans sunnies – I can’t leave anywhere without them!

Swimsuit or Bikini?


Pool or sea?

Sea, always!

What smell reminds you of holiday the most and why? 

Bali Body tanning oil. Believe the hype, this stuff smells amazing! It’s the first thing I slap on during summer holidays.

Where is the best beach you’ve ever visited?

Growing up in Australia we were pretty spoilt for choice, so it’s always hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to choose, the best beach I’ve recently visited has to be Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka.

How do you adapt your beauty routine on holiday?

Make it as minimal as possible. Only a tiny bit of SPF foundation, maybe Nars Orgasm illuminator and waterproof mascara – done!

What’s your go-to beach hairstyle?

Keep it natural. Nothing better than having natural sea salt create the perfect beach wave.


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