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In our 21st Century world, people are becoming more open-minded to different forms of medicines and treatments when plagued with illness and after a recent trip to visit Naturopathy expert Kara Mia Melissa came back raving about her procedures, so we obviously felt the need to find out a little more. Keep reading to see our interview with Kara and learn all about the wonders of alternative therapies and healing methods...


What inspired you to follow a career in Naturopathic Medicine?

My parents became disillusioned with Allopathic/Western/NHS medicine when I was a teenager back in the 80's. We had a brilliant Naturopath and her work taught me so much about myself and health in general; she has been my constant inspiration to make sure I treat the whole person and not just their symptoms.

Talk us through the bio-resonance testing procedure, what does this aim to achieve and what can this teach us?

Bio-Resonance is not new technology, it was invented by the Germans over 40 years ago. Thousands of frequencies are tested safely, quickly and effectively with my client's unique physiology. The Asyra affords me a quick, painless and incredibly cost effective way of finding out how your body, mind, emotions and energy fields are performing in real time as you are sitting in front of me, not in three weeks as some testing methods do. Food intolerances, Nutrient deficiencies, and so much more can be easily scanned for, detected and then relayed to my patients during the session.

What are the advantages of these methods in comparison to conventional medicine?

People are beginning to realise that we live in a universe of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Conventional medicine treats the body like a machine, reducing it to a chemistry lab or simple number. This approach can work when something has already gone wrong, but there is discord at work a long time before it shows up in the physical. The human body is not a car but a dynamic, ever changing system that is affected by many different things including emotions, thoughts, toxins etc. The Asyra gives us a window into this complex system and can help identify dis-ease before it becomes disease - it is truly preventative in nature.

Do you have any helpful health advice to follow on holiday for our beach and sun-loving customers?

Taking 1000mg of Vitamin C whilst eating your BBQ meal will reduce the amount of carcinogenic nitrates absorbed (created when food is charred, including veggies) and I would encourage everyone to use natural sun-screens wherever possible.

Pick your perfect Melissa Odabash holiday wardrobe The Jemima White Hat for me is perfect, as a woman in her late 40's I try to protect my face from the sun as much as possible!

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Kara Mia Vernon has trained in a number of healing methods and techniques including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Matrix Energetics. She believes that health is not just physical and incorporates the mental, emotional and energetic aspects to her approach as well. Utilising the latest in bio-resonance health screening technology, it enables her to reduce the time-consuming element of trial and error. Clients are given support and advice on all aspects of their condition or health concern. Click here to find out more about Embracing Health with Kara.

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