A-Lists events and naked bodies... all just a typical day in the life of Vita Liberata's VIP Tanning and Training Expert Clara. We can't wait to find out more...

Clara Anderson

What inspired you to pursue a career in the tanning industry?

I have always loved working in the beauty industry! I'm Irish, so naturally I have a very pale skin tone - this made working in the tanning industry the obvious next step to me. For me, tanning is all about confidence - I love building client relationships and making people feel great about themselves.

A lot of women feel nervous around fake tan, what’s your best advice for someone using Vita Liberata at home to avoid steaks?

Don't be nervous! For anyone fearing a streaky tan, I would suggest using a product with a guide colour like Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse. A guide colour allows you to see where the product has been applied, preventing you from missing a patch. Also, always use a mitt! It's essential to protect your hands and create a beautiful, even skin finish.

We’re guessing your job must be really diverse, can you talk us through a typical day in the life of a VIP Tanning and Training Expert?

Yes, every day is different in my role which I absolutely love! My role as a tanning expert allows me to train internally as well as externally, meaning I can go from training therapists in top London salons in the morning, to spray tanning the media and press in the afternoon! I often spend evenings tanning and skin finishing VIPs for special red carpet events.

Can you share three top tips to ensure how to get a great spray tan?

ALWAYS exfoliate 24 hours prior to tanning - it's said a lot but it's just so important to get rid of those dead skin cells! Keep your skin as product free as possible - don't moisturise, it acts as a barrier to the tan! Eat your greens - eating vegetables like spinach, kale and avocado help to boost your L-lysine levels which helps your tan last even longer!

You must have witnessed some tanning disasters over the years, what’s been the worst?

The worst is always the dreaded bad-hand-tan! When someone has applied tan without using a mitt, it's a tell-tale sign of using self tan.

Who are your favourite celebrity clients to spray-tan?

It's difficult to pick as I am lucky enough to work with such a varied celebrity clientele. However, it's never a bad day at work when I get to tan on tour with Take That...

What VIP event has been the most fun to work at and why?

Again, it difficult to choose but one of my favourite events to work at would be the Brits - it's great because as you're there for a few days you get to meet artists/dancers/celebs in-between rehearsals. I love events when I can tan, body contour, body highlight and skin finish all in one, it's such a great feeling to see them glowing on stage!


Quickfire Questions

What’s your signature holiday style? Casual and comfortable.

Favourite accessory for at the beach? Sunglasses!

Swimsuit or Bikini? Swimsuit

Pool or sea? Sea

What smell reminds you of holiday the most and why? Sun tan lotion, funnily enough I never needed to use it much back home in Ireland!

Where is the best beach you’ve ever visited? Sandhamn island.

How do you adapt your beauty routine on holiday? I wear an oil-free moisturiser each day with Trystal minerals to build a golden glow - I like to keep it simple when I'm away.

What’s your go-to beach hairstyle? Either plaits or up in a messy bun.

Clara Anderson

Hey, I'm Clara - Vita Liberata's VIP Tanning Expert! I specialise in luxury organic tanning & skin finishing for the industry's biggest celebrities and influencers. When I’m not looking after our VIP clients I’m training our top salons and therapists throughout the UK.

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