We all lead such hectic lifestyles; long hours and heavy workloads, yet we are constantly been told to breathe, relax and live a little slower, however sometime's it's just not that easy. All we need is some gentle encouragement to ease us away from everyday stresses and towards more positive feelings. So let me introduce, Jody Shield- an inspirational speaker, author, meditation teacher and intuitive mentor.
She is rapidly becoming a sought after name amongst London’s high fliers as the go-to substitute therapist to solve our entire modern woes- one stressed-out, lost and pained Londoner at a time. Jody is known for her fabulous inspirational speaking and meditation coaching, frequently consulting for many respected brands, corporates and agencies across London adding more calm and zen into their busy lives.

We took the time to interview meditation guru Jody, where she gave us a little insight into what exactly fueled her career change and made her become London's go to intuitive therapist.

How did you start out in the meditation profession?
Quite by accident, and a bit of a crazy story, I actually learned how to meditate on a plant medicine retreat in Peru!! I was travelling around South America taking a break from my intense job in advertising 6 years ago, and I found myself in the Amazon jungle in an Ayahuasca retreat with an indigenous tribe. I was taught meditation as our whole group used it to prepare us for the ceremonies that I went on during the experience. It helped us really get “in-tune” with ourselves during that trip.
When did you discover your love of meditation?
I noticed I loved meditation when I went without doing it. The difference in how I felt, and how my day would go was huge. I realised I needed it to be a practice that I committed to because I wanted to feel great every day.
What did you do before?

I worked for 10 years as business director in advertising agencies. I worked with very big corporate clients, ran advertising accounts, managed big teams of people and launched big campaigns across the world. As glamorous as it sounds, it wasn’t. Lots of late nights, socialising, people pleasing!

What makes you so unique?
There isn’t really anyone who offers what I do to everyone - the mainstream. Although there are many meditation teachers and coaches, there aren’t many intuitive mentors and inspirational speakers who talk about wellbeing in a deeper way. I bring together the corporate world with the world of wellness and blend it together in a modern way that is easy, relatable and accessible to everybody.
What do you think makes a fantastic mentoring session?
To really see, feel and sense life changing results and the power of transformation. To witness clients take back the power of their destiny, and realise that they have the power to change their lives if it doesn’t suit them.
What’s your mediation of choice?
A receiving meditation, where you open up and receive all the energy that is meant for you to fill yourself up when you are feeling drained, depleted and exhausted. It’s a way of recharging your batteries. It’s divine :-) In fact I need to put one on my website.
Talk us through a typical day in the life?
There really isn’t a typical day, every day is very different: one day I could be speaking to a room with 500 people, the next holding a meditation session in Central London, another flying off to the Maldives for work, and then signing books at Waterstones. It’s a lovely, fast rollercoaster that I cling tightly to :-)
What do you love most about what you do?
Meeting all lovely people and listening to their stories of how they’ve transformed through my work. It is so inspiring to meet so many lovely people who want to change their lives. And to know they’ve done it with my help is amazing.
What is your ultimate career goal?
To feature on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and to have 3 best selling books.
Quickfire Questions
What’s your signature holiday style? Soaking up the sunshine on a white beach on the Caribbean.
Bikini or Swimsuit? Bikini
Pool or sea? Sea
Sun-cream or Tanning Oil? Organic Sun cream
What smell reminds you of holiday the most and why? Caudalie Facial Spray, because I always take it with me when I am on holiday.
Where is the best beach you’ve ever visited? Ilha Grande in Brazil, Mole Beach
How do you adapt your diet on holiday? Eating light foods and drinking lots of water
What’s your go-to beach activity? Reading and walking up and down the beach to keep moving
What’s the next book you want to read on the beach? “Pussy: A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer - it’s passionate, bold and sensual!
Do you have a go-to holiday location solely for meditation? Marrakesh, we have a riad there and inside it’s so peaceful

Jody Shield’s book LifeTonic - a modern toolkit to heal your life and soothe your soul is out now from all good bookstores. You can also keep up to date with Jody via her Instagram and Twitter pages.

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