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    • Melissa Recommends - Dr Sebaugh Supreme Day Cream

      As we all know, Melissa is the ultimate bikini queen and that isn't just as easy as rocking up to a beach and throwing on some swimwear!
      It means maintenance and looking after your body from both the inside and outside all year round.

      Melissa is a huge advocate of the Dr Sebagh brand and their non-invasive treatments and has recently been telling us non-stop about a wonderful new face cream that he has launched that is an absolute beauty essential for office ladies like us!

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    • Sun Awareness Month - Competition Time!

      It's a bright sunny day, a bank holiday this weekend and June as of next week - summertime has officially arrived!
      We can't wait to start jetting off to as many sunny shores as possible over the coming months and naturally, we're hoping the weather will be hot, hot, hot- just how we like it! Although we are dreaming of days lounging on sun-drenched beaches, we make sure that when we are on our travels we have every intention of looking after ourselves and our skin as best we can - after all Melissa is always drilling into us the importance of safety in the sun.

      To celebrate May being Sun Awareness Month we have teamed up with the gorgeous gang over at Vita Liberata to share our top tips for staying safe in the sun and to motivate you to keep yourself protected from the rays we also have a hamper filled with Melissa Odabash and Vita Liberata product worth over £380!

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    • Friday Fix: SHOWstopping Morning Hair

      Well, we're guessing we aren't just speaking for ourselves when we say that getting out of bed at the sound of our alarms has become MUCH more difficult this week.

      We are now comfortably into the month of October and now that mornings are getting darker and colder, any shortcuts we can use as part of our morning routines are now being implemented to help us stay snuggled up in our duvets for a few extra minutes and as a busy working mother juggling dropping children at school and a morning workout, all before getting into the office at 9am Melissa is always looking for a way to help free up time. Recently, she has thankfully found the perfect product to add both efficiency and luxury to anyone's AM - SHOW Beauty's Premiere Dry Shampoo.

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    • Monday Motivation - Become Cindy

      This Monday our Motivation for the week ahead is icon of the moment Cindy Crawford.

      This multi-tasking lady is not only a supermodel, but also charity ambassador, mother and now author. The recent launch of her debut book 'Becoming' by Cindy Crawford has meant that although she has been jet-setting from country to country over the last few weeks, Cindy has continued to look immaculate at every moment.

      Whilst finally getting some down-time in Miami from her hectic schedule she got chance to spend some quality time with her husband and they decided to visit our favourite place - the beach!
      Of course, she was also seen flaunting her fabulous figure in some Melissa Odabash swimwear and beachwear and not for the first time may we add!
      Is it biased for us to say we love her taste?

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    • Friday Fix: The Wonders of Dry Brushing

      If we could name one beauty routine that Melissa frequents, it would be Dry Brushing.
      She has been an avid dry brusher long before its recent popularity.
      It seems as though Kale, Kombucha, and Dry Brushes have all been using the same publicist lately!

      All jokes aside, we are feeling a bit gloomy with the realization that summer has hastily escaped us, but why not enter this transition with a graceful 'shedding' ?

      dry brushing

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    • Monday Motivation: Supermodel Style

      September is here and we all know what that means... FASHION WEEKS!

      With New York fashion week currently in full swing, we felt inspired by all the fabulous ladies strutting their stuff down the catwalk for this week's 'Monday Muse' take on the Monday Motivation.

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    • Friday Fix: Beach Hair Don't Care!

      As we enter our 2nd week of September, the last of us are returning to our desks from our holidays, escorting our little ones on their first day of school, and re-adjusting to our daily routines while daydreaming about the coconut cocktails we had in St. Barts just last week. We find remnants of sand in our beach totes and ask ourselves, how long will my tan last? Would I be able to re-create that fresh-caught ceviche we had on our boat that day? And how on earth am I going to get my hair back to normal after all that sun & salt-water? We've got the ticket for your hair qualms, and with a name like 'Hair After the Sun', what else could you need? Besides, Melissa is all for the sexy and easy beach-hair look, but all in moderation. Our hair needs sunblock, and soothing cream after a burn just like our skin does, ladies! A little T.L.C. for your locks never hurt anyone.

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    • Friday Fix: Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, & Repeat

      They say that the face is the 'Entryway to the Self'. Well ladies, that's a LOT of pressure on our hands(and cheeks).

      Being that our face is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember, it has always been a priority here at Odabash HQ to discover and share the latest on how to keep our 'Entryway to the Self' looking fresh & pampered. Melissa, being the beauty & skincare maven that she is, resides on the front lines when it comes to the newest potions, and we get to hear it from her first. Her latest obsession? The exfoliate foaming cleanser, by suki® skincare.

      suki exfoliate cleanser
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    • Friday Fix: A Gift From Mother Nature

      Well, we don't know about you, but as amazing as summer is it does come with a few pitfalls.

      Whether that's skin drying out from the warm weather (in theory - because someone NEEDS to remind August that it's MEANT to be sunny and hot!), getting itchy stings thanks to the wasps who fancy a sip of your Pimm's or getting those dry heels which seem to emerge as soon as we start wearing any form of summer sandal - the struggle is real ladies!

      However, this summer these worries have been a thing of the past for Melissa and she has kindly let us in on her secret - Pommade Divine's Nature's Remedy Balm which has 'been taking care of generations of families since 1800' and helps to soothe, protect and repair any dry or sensitive skin as well as reducing the chances of scarring.
      It sounds like just what we need!

      First Image

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    • Monday Motivation - The Blogger Body

      This week's Monday Motivation has taken on somewhat of a Monday Muse theme, as we have been inspired by two of our favorite fashion bloggers who were both looking fabulous in their Odabash swimwear this weekend!

      Not only do these ladies have wardrobes to die for - including some staple Melissa Odabash pieces naturally, but they also have the fabulous bikini bodies show the swimwear looking at it's best.

      Looking at these stunning holiday snapshots from Rosie Londoner and In The Frow this morning fortunately helped us to put down the mid-morning biscuits and pick up a handful of seeds instead as thanks to these lovely ladies we now we have the motivation of real women, showing us that achieving a smoking bikini body IS possible.

      Rosie In The Frow

      With some of the office still waiting for their summer holidays to come round, these pictures have provided the perfect little reminder to stay on the straight and narrow with a balanced diet and keep our gym attendance up - just until summer's over anyway.
      Living a healthy lifestyle enabling you to feel confident on the beach is so important and so we thank our Monday Muse's for reminding us of that and inspiring us to stay on track for the week ahead!

      If you want to shop the look of Rosie Londoner and In The Frow simply click here to purchase our Angola Bikini in Thin Stripe which is now a steal thanks to our 2015 sale launching today!

      We take no responsibility if your fingers get a little click happy once you start browsing these irresistible reductions...


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