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Melissa Recommends - Dr Sebaugh Supreme Day Cream

As we all know, Melissa is the ultimate bikini queen and that isn't just as easy as rocking up to a beach and throwing on some swimwear!
It means maintenance and looking after your body from both the inside and outside all year round.

Melissa is a huge advocate of the Dr Sebagh brand and their non-invasive treatments and has recently been telling us non-stop about a wonderful new face cream that he has launched that is an absolute beauty essential for office ladies like us!

It's easy to believe that most people would think working 9-5 sat in front of a screen all day means your skin isn't in danger; we're out of the sun and out of the elements, most of us would expect dry skin from air-con to be the worst that can happen. However, this is a common misconception! Dr Sebagh has thought one step ahead of everyone else out there and noticed that we spend all day sat in front of computers, phones and tablets and these may not be the best things for our skin.

The new Supreme Day Cream is a scientific breakthrough which can help protect skin from High Energy Visible Light (HEV) emitted by our various forms of technology, as well as LED lights and more. It has been found that HEV light can cause as much damage to skin as UVA and UVB light combined, so for this reason Dr Sebaugh and his team have developed this cream to both shield your skin using a fractionated melanin compound, combat the aging process with anti-oxidants, keep skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid and finally keep skin nourished with a variety of oils including safflower, sesame and Rosa Canina which all help to maintain the skin's natural barrier.

Pick up a pot of Supreme Day Cream today and keep your skin safe from the high-tec world we are surrounded by and the lights we expose it too for hours at a time day-in, day out. It's not just the sun's rays that can do damage!

Thanks for the advice Melissa!

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