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International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day and to give recognition to this gender-empowering day, Melissa has put together a list of some of the females who inspire her the most. Read below to hear Melissa's reasons as to why these ladies are people she looks up to.
After all as they do say, 'when women support each other, incredible things happen.'

Kelly Hoppen - One of my dearest friends and a fierce businesswoman. Kelly has helped boost the profile of women in business and shown that with hard graft, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and create an empire. When Kelly was awarded and MBE in 2009 it was a true testament to her success and the recognition she deserves. You go girl!

Caroline Legrand - This lady's eye for design and knowledge of art leaves me constantly in awe. We all have different strengths in life and it's so important to pursue your dreams and what your natural talents are, I believe Caroline is lucky enough to do on an everyday basis with her interior design job - all on top of being very well-travelled and speaking SIX languages.

Cindy Crawford - Cindy is not just a seriously stunning model, but also an active philanthropist and savvy businesswoman, she managed to turn being one of the original 'Supermodels' into a brand built around her. She paved the way for careers post-modelling, as well as raising a beautiful family and being one of the most kind and humble people I have the privilege to know.

My Mother - Last, but by no means least, every female's inspiration should ultimately be their mother. She brought you into the world, raised you, made sacrifices for you and taught you everything you know. Mothers can be your best friend, your support system and your own personal cheerleader. Never go a moment without appreciating all that this figure has done for you - she has ultimately made you, the woman you are today.

Here's to ALL women everywhere, after all... who run the world?

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