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Friday Fix: Head to Toe Superfood

We are now in the month of May, meaning we are achingly close to the official start of summer!
The sun and warm weather have began to make a few appearances and we all know that as women this means it's time to up our pedicure game.

Open-toe shoes are now a wardrobe staple once again and unfortunately that means we can no longer neglect our nails. Melissa's colour of choice for pedicures is always a classic French Manicure style and Nails Inc have recently launched the limited edition Baby Kale collection which has the perfect range of shades to achieve this look!

Nails Inc

Complete with a 'Superfood' base coat, 'Bright Street Illuminator' and 'St Johns's Wood' pale pink polish this set has every shade necessary for a prefect French Manicure and Pedicure, but that's not all! The NailKale set has debuted the use of everyone's favourite super food Kale.
Thanks to it's strong anti-oxidant properties the use of kale helps to nourish, protect and strengthen nails!
On top of that this Nail's Inc range also includes an exclusive Regenerating Complex which boosts the production of keratin for harder, stronger and healthier nails.

Here at Odabash Head Office we appreciate the variety of health benefits that kale gives to our bodies and always make sure to pop it in our shakes, but this NailKale set takes super food devotion to another level - and we love it!
Plus, for those of you with your first summer trips booked this set of polishes is the perfect way to to get your nails beach ready in no time.

The colours in limited edition collection help you to achieve a perfect, chic pedicure and with health benefits for your nails as well, Nails Inc have definitely cemented Kale as our favourite super food and beauty food!

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