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Friday Fix: A Gift From Mother Nature

Well, we don't know about you, but as amazing as summer is it does come with a few pitfalls.

Whether that's skin drying out from the warm weather (in theory - because someone NEEDS to remind August that it's MEANT to be sunny and hot!), getting itchy stings thanks to the wasps who fancy a sip of your Pimm's or getting those dry heels which seem to emerge as soon as we start wearing any form of summer sandal - the struggle is real ladies!

However, this summer these worries have been a thing of the past for Melissa and she has kindly let us in on her secret - Pommade Divine's Nature's Remedy Balm which has 'been taking care of generations of families since 1800' and helps to soothe, protect and repair any dry or sensitive skin as well as reducing the chances of scarring.
It sounds like just what we need!

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Made with 97% natural ingredients this multipurpose beauty balm is able to treat; dry skin, burns, insect bites, scars, stretch marks, cuticles, rough heels, chapped lips, grazes, bruises, rashes, itching, cracked nipples, blisters, sunburn, chickenpox and spots. In short it's a pot of skin saving potion, that can also be used on children, babies and even animals - talk about multitasking!

Pommade Divine's Nature's Remedy Balm contains a unique combination of essential oils, spices and resins which particularly draw inspiration from Eastern alternative medicine ingredients such as Benzoin, Liquidambar, Clove, Cinnamon and Nutmeg - all of which are recognised for their natural healing properties and have been tried and tested across the centuries. All of this is then blended together into a skin-softening, nourishing base of shea Butter, jojoba and lanolin to produce a sumptuous, luxe cream.
With a celebrity seal of approval including Sienna Miller and Jodie Kidd, roots that date back to medieval monasteries in France, as well as being recommended to friends by Marie Antoinette's Great Grandmother at the palace of Versailles, it's fair to say that Pommade Divine has an iconic history that has survived through the ages that has led to the unique product we know and use today.

The result is efficacious, versatile and restorative cream that will become the summer saviour for all your dry skin needs as well as quickly your new must-have bathroom cabinet essential.

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