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  • Time to cool off...

    With the soaring temperatures and sun shining in London, it's finally starting to feel like summer is on its way!
    Whilst we hide away inside working, here's our top pick of three oceans we wish we were able to dive into when the heat gets too much - if only we were by the coast.

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  • Our top Snorkeling spots...

    If there's one thing we love doing when visiting the beach it's snorkeling.
    It's the time to shed your inhibitions, put a silly mask on your face and lose yourself as you marvel at the beauty of nature.

    Whether you want to do some ocean wildlife spotting, admire the stunning hues of the coral or look out for sea-life such as starfish and seahorses we've compiled a variety of places which won't disappoint if you pay them a visit!

    Feel free to click on each image to get our top hotel suggestions for when you are staying in these stunning resorts too...

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  • Plenty More Fish In The Sea

    What better way to start the first Monday of the month than with our Motivational Monday blog post?
    This weeks post is all about eco-compatible sunscreen Aethic is an eco and marine friendly sunbloack brand which is all about "being one with nature".


    Over the past two years the skin care brand has been developing their sea friendly sunblock Sôvée which promises to be safer, softer and better for your skin as well as 100% scientifically coral safe.

    The suncream has since been the first sunscreen in the world to gain a Marine Positive Certification and it certainly has our seal of approval!


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