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  • Ask The Expert -The Perfume Studio

    Perfume to most of us is very personal, we may have an array of perfumes we choose from daily or we may have a go to signature scent. Either way, Fragrance is a magical little thing with the power to evoke memories good and bad; inspires fantasies and tell others a little bit about you are with just a turn of the head.
    Perhaps you have always wondered if it was possible to create your own perfume? The answer is most definitely YES.
    Where are you asking?Let us introduce, The Perfume Studio
    The renowned company began over ten years ago with the aim of bringing the art of bespoke perfumery to everyone through providing exclusive consultations for those looking to build and create their own unique and special perfume.
    We were all so intrigued by the process that we arranged for Perfume Stylist Benjamin Janousek to spend an afternoon at Odabash HQ so he could provide a one-to one fragrance consultation with Melissa.

    During the afternoon Melissa was able to sample each blend while Benjamin was on hand to offer fantastic knowledge of the properties which encompass within each blend and at the same time provided fabulous guidance which enabled Melissa to build her own unique and special fragrance.

    Benjamin was equipped with an exquisite range of blends sourced from the world’s finest ingredients and Melissa was able to learn from him all about the range and how it includes musky notes to fruity top notes- all inclusive of the fine fragrance blends which represent the entire spectrum of human emotion.

    Benjamin spoke about how important it was to identify and appreciate the type of note each blend is from, explaining that top notes which although won’t last long, make a very memorable first impression and middle notes which are arguably the most important part of a fragrance and set the tone.
    To base notes which form the body of a fragrance and can last for a very long time and while base notes are not vital to a fragrance, for those who are seeking longevity they are exceptionally popular.

    After much deliberation and consideration Melissa decided upon her favourite blends, Benjamin was then able to create Melissa her own bespoke fragrance, where she was given a beautiful bottle alongside a travel size roller ball.

    We would like to thank Benjamin enough for providing such a wonderful afternoon full of fabulous guidance and knowledge into the Perfume industry! It was so great to learn something we previously knew so little about! We cannot recommend The Perfume Studio enough for a truly one of a kind experience which is hard to find elsewhere.

    Where can you enjoy the experience yourself?
    The Perfume Studio can be enjoyed nationwide at a variety of venues as well as Flagship Master classes held in London & Manchester. They also offer a verity of luxurious exclusive private consultations, including 'A Day with a Perfumer' and 'The Ultimate Experience' delivered at the comfort of your own home. Sounds divine to us!

    If you fancy something a bit more sociable they also offer group consultations where you can enjoy the perfume experience whether it be a birthday party or perhaps a hen party.

    Be sure to check out The Perfume studio which provides a clear and detailed insight into the wonderful perfume experiences they have to offer.

  • Ask the Expert: Rachael Rogers - Vacation Planner

    As summer beckons and the poolside daydreams begin, who better to interview for Melissa Odabash’s Ask The Expert than Rachael Rogers, founder of For The Story Vacations
    Rachael prides herself on creating 100% tailor-made vacations for her clients, making sure their money goes as far as possible, and giving them the vacation they’ll look back on for years to come.

    Old Silver Beach- Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA

    "Cape Cod is known historically as the beginning of "The Americas", but the Cape offers much more than Pilgrims, wild turkeys, and cranberry bogs. This is a summer getaway reserved for not only Mr. Obama but lovers of summer time retreats without extreme heat. Old Silver in Falmouth, Cape Cod is an all time favorite spot."

    First things first: How did you discover your passion for travel?
    When I was 16, my high school offered us the chance to travel to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji (if we could save up the money). I thought I’d be homesick but I was actually sad to leave. This would turn out to be a recurring trend throughout my travels.

    How did you know planning people’s vacations was for you?
    Well, first off, you should probably know I’m a little bit crazy. My Irish husband and I had two pretty large weddings seven days apart: one in Missouri, where I’m from; the other in Ireland.

    It took a LOT of planning and hustling. Not only did we have to get people booked into the perfect hotels and Airbnbs for their price range, we also wanted to ensure all our American guests who flew to Ireland got the full experience and vice versa.

    The weird thing was, I actually enjoyed doing it. I loved the euphoria on peoples’ faces. Although I was working in sales in NYC at the time, it really got me thinking.

    What makes For The Story Vacations unique?
    I really, really care. I’ve dedicated my life to travel and researching for my clients. I hate that so many people spend above the odds for a totally generic holiday. I sit down with my clients or chat with them over Skype. They tell me their loves, hates, bucket list, pet peeves.

    In the end, I create a completely tailor-made vacation for them for less than they would have paid for the cookie cutter one through the old-school methods. And then I take care of booking it all for them too.

    What inspired you to start a travel business in your mid-twenties?
    Shortly after the wedding celebrations ended- which basically took a month- I had my annual performance review. Although I had exceeded the sales targets, it was suggested that I would be better served within the sales world if I spoke up less.

    I left the meeting determined not to let another person tell me how be successful. Having gone to an all women's college, it didn't sit right with me that two men were suggesting I smother my personality… I liked my personality! A week later I quit and launched my own company.

    What did you do before For The Story?
    I pursued theatre for 4 years after college. A tour around the US and a summer in LAMDA punctuated some great but challenging years in NYC. I also worked planning weddings in Manhattan. Although these were great experiences and I learned a lot, I felt like something was missing.

    Everything just seemed to be a means to an end that would let me book my next flight to Europe. Eventually, I decided I’d book a one-way ticket to Paris next time, instead of coming back after 10 days.

    How did you manage this?
    It seems crazy to me now, but one day I sat down, constructed an email, and essentially emailed every English-speaking Paris tour company I could find. I landed a Skype interview with a bike tour company.

    One week later, they offered a second interview. This time, though, it was in-person. And in Paris. I booked a one-way ticket and ended up working as a bike and Segway tour guide in Paris. The travel bug had caught me and I never looked back.

    Where are you next going on holiday?
    My husband and I work remotely and travel full-time, moving to a new city every month. I like to have researched a place before sending people there. We are in Vienna right now and Dubrovnik in Croatia is next up.

    How do you adapt your diet while you travel?
    It's hard man! I want to experience traditional foods and specialities but that takes its toll on your body if you’re always traveling. I’ve become a big fan of splitting multiple smaller dishes rather than eating one large one.

    I get the knowledge I need as a travel planner and the enjoyment I want as a foodie, without making my clothes snug.

    Walking around exploring is great, too. I get familiar with a city while getting my 10,000 steps in.

    What is the best beach you’ve ever visited?
    Old Silver Beach in Cape Cod. It has the softest sand I've ever experienced, and it continues all the way into the ocean until your feet can't touch anymore.

    Szechenyi Thermal Baths- Budapest, Hungary

    "Budapest is an up-and-coming city filled to the brim with amazing restaurants, ruin bars, and history. The outdoor thermal baths make this city truly sparkle. Open from 10am-10pm, you can soak and relax all day while enjoying drinks, food, and a bit of fun."

    Quickfire Questions

    What’s your signature holiday style?
    Comfy and cute. Sun dresses all the way. Cute sandals, sun glasses, and adorable hats.

    Bikini or Swimsuit?
    Usually a swimsuit but I love both.

    Pool or sea?

    What smell reminds you of holidays?
    Sun tan lotion. I get butterflies in my stomach. When I was a kid, applying it meant we were going somewhere that involved sun and fun. I'm also a summer baby. It's when my hair, skin, and tan are at their best. Plus, I love running around barefoot.

    What pieces from the Melissa Odabash SS17 collection would you choose to spoil yourself?
    I actually own a Melissa Odabash piece that I am in love with because it makes my tan look awesome! It’s the Bali bikini in Fluro. When I get another one, I want to pair the Aruba Bandeau Bikini in pink with the Adela Bandeau Dress in dusty rose. Were you expecting that detailed an answer off the top of my head? :)

    What do you love most?
    Wine? No, all jokes aside, I love my husband, my family, and the friends that have been part of this crazy journey. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real.

    Career goal?
    To use my passion (and my unfiltered personality) to be successful doing what I adore.

    And, finally, what’s your favourite place to visit?
    Paris. It will always be Paris.

    Cliffs of Moher- County Clare, Ireland

    "Ranked one of the best "cliff views" in the world, the Cliffs of Moher should be a stop on your trip through the Emerald Isle. County Clare offers winding roads, fields of sheep, and ocean views, and more sheep. This day trip is one for the books."

    Rachael Rogers, a phenomenal vacation planner with a fabulous commitment to fantastic and incomparable customer focused one to one service. Rachael’s genuine passion and true love for exploring is seen through her wonderful attention to detail to create one of-a-kind vacations for her clients and no matter where you are based in the world, Rachael is so easily and seamlessly able to make your dream holiday become a reality. Team Odabash consider Rachael’s business concept as ideal- day to day life means we become way too busy to schedule holiday planning, so having someone do it all for you sounds perfect!

    Be sure to follow Rachael over on her Instagram Page and Facebook Page where you can stalk her incredible travelling photos- instantly making you want to click that contact button for Rachael. Also, make sure to watch FTS daily videos to keep up to date with Rachael’s fab advice and tips for each city she mentions.

  • Ask the Expert: Kara Mia - Naturopathy

    In our 21st Century world, people are becoming more open-minded to different forms of medicines and treatments when plagued with illness and after a recent trip to visit Naturopathy expert Kara Mia Melissa came back raving about her procedures, so we obviously felt the need to find out a little more.

    Keep reading to see our interview with Kara and learn all about the wonders of alternative therapies and healing methods...

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