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Waxing 101: Ministry of Waxing Tells All

When the last few months have been spent hiding your pins underneath trousers and tights and your Winter getaway is soon approaching, it's time to fight any unwanted fur and get yourself feeling beach confident. For most women that signifies the dreaded chore of shaving or maybe even an hour of pain for a meticulously smooth bikini line - but for Ministry of Waxing expert and head trainer Chloe Scriminger, prepping your body for the beach should be about as pain-free as your blow dry and mani-pedi. Having specialised in advanced hair removal techniques for the last 7 years - if there's anyone to give the lowdown and do's and don'ts of waxing - It's Chloe!

1. Let’s start with the big one… why waxing?

Where do I start?! When hair is removed from the dermis, it takes at least 30 days to grow back, so you stay smooth for longer… we recommend treatments every 6-8 weeks. Waxing also leaves your skin silky smooth as it acts as a super effective form of exfoliation; a must-have year-round - but especially for an even tan before you jet off on holiday!

Waxing is also a very hygienic method of hair removal when done professionally; People often forget that so many types of bacteria can hide on a razor, lurking in your shower and resulting in all kinds of unglamorous skin problems!

2. Pre-wax do’s & don’ts?

Book your wax on a rest day - physical exercise heats up the body and leads to perspiration, which means that the wax can’t stick to the skin effectively.

Do ask your therapist any burning questions - and at Ministry of Waxing you can take advantage of your very own hygiene pack which contains latex gloves, spatulas, wet wipes and cotton pads… we pioneered the no double-dipping rule, so you really are in safe hands.

Avoid sunbeds for 24 hours before and after your wax, heating the skin to this extent before applying hot wax isn’t a recipe for success…

3. A lot of women who wax also suffer from ingrown hairs – ‘down there’ - what’s your top tips for treating those dreaded bikini-line bumps!

We have a fantastic aftercare product from Malin + Goetz… our Ingrown Hair Cream. It’s great for men and women and can be used anywhere on the body. It also comes in a handy portable tube so it can be used whenever you need it most! We also offer Brazilian Facials, which gently exfoliate and treat troubled skin to really show ingrown hairs who's boss!

4. Best tip for a pain-free(ish) wax?

Try not to have a super hot or freezing cold shower before your wax - extreme temperature changes makes your nerve endings come alive, which isn’t the best thing right before a wax…

Summon your inner yogi and follow your therapist’s instructions when it comes to positioning the legs. Our waxperts have their own unique methods for getting a good stretch on the skin to make the hair re-moval much more comfortable!

Absolutely no caffeine or alcohol before your treatment! This will make your skin more sensitive and will make the wax more painful. Our proprietary waxes are so gentle on the skin they reduce the ouch factor by around 70%, but you can never be too safe…

For super sensitive skin, opt for our Strawberry wax, it contains skin loving chamomile which is calming and soothing on the skin…

5. Favourite wax hack / top tips for waxing virgins?

Seek clearance from the experts. There is nothing worse than a bad wax job… especially if executed at home without good lighting or hygiene standards. Our Waxperts are specially trained to make the experience as comfortable as possible, so don’t risk it!

If you’re still a little nervy, call on one of our squeezey stress toys for support and practice some breathing techniques to help you relax… tensing the body makes a wax more painful, so let your worries drift away with each exhalation!

You can also ask your waxpert about one of our Virgin SOS Kits which contains a squeezey toy to help the nerves, a shower puff to promote exfoliation and prevent ingrown hairs and an Ingrown Hair Cream or Ice Cream soothing lotion to keep the skin calm.

6. What makes Ministry of Waxing different?

We stand by our customers all the way from muff to buff and don’t skimp on aftercare; We have a strict HSQ mantra which stands for hygiene, speed and quality… our waxperts perform treatments with rigorous hygiene standards and we also act quickly, whilst still delivering rivaled precision.

What’s more, each of our proprietary waxes is tested for eight months before meeting its first customer. This is to ensure that the hair is removed from the root, as opposed to breaking on the surface, making your wax last longer whilst still feeling gentle on the skin.

Our beautifully designed stores, each with their own unique design concept, also help to make the experience a little more fun! In fact, we’ve just opened a new home on Great Queen Street inspired by the Grand Budapest Hotel… it all adds to the experience!

Find your nearest boutique and book a pain-free waxing session at Ministry of Waxing now!

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