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Ask the Expert: Tiago Silva - Personal Trainer

Tiago Silva is a trainer at 1Rebel gym and has kindly taken the time out to talk to us about how to make sure we get our bodies in shape for summer and getting motivated to exercise!

What inspired you to work in the fitness sector?
My involvement with sport started at an early age when I started representing my schools athletic team by competing in national tournaments. I developed a deep love for sport, but decided to ignore the idea of making this as a living. I graduated in Multimedia Technology and worked for seven years in the computer games industry, but I must say, that I had never stopped exercising. During the years I developed a hobby of competing in long-distance triathlons.
I was always surrounded by friends that were making a living from helping people with their health and wellbeing and also helping others improve their lifestyle by adopting healthier habits. All of these really inspired me! It took me some time to realise that I could make a career out of my true passion BUT I managed to get the courage to take the first step and now I am enjoying every single minute of my working hours.

Everyone wants a flat tummy for when they hit the beach, what do you think are the best three ab exercises to get results?
Sit-ups, crunches and Russian twists are only part of the overall equation. Having a great looking flat tummy does take time; training hard, cardio, and of course, eating clean meals are all important factors.

1Rebel has so many exciting and unique gym classes, which is your favourite to teach and what does it involve?
I am fanatic about RIDE. We don’t spin. We Ride. This class is a high energy 30 or 45 minute Ride session, incorporating full body workout, hand weights, as well as immersive pyrotechnics never seen before in a fitness studio. I find the atmosphere in the room super fun, yet at the same time I get to see the Rebel Army smashing a tough ride. We play hard on the bike but we dance, we sing and we sweat buckets. Also, being able to play my favourite songs in every class is a bonus for me. See more here!

What gym equipment should women try and incorporate into their workout that they may be intimidated by?
I suggest training with equipment that allows you to use compound movements: weighted exercises like deadlifts and squats, push and pull variations, bench press, medicine ball cleans, all of these exercises develop the whole body rather than just one muscle group. This helps to promote an anabolic state, as the body will keep burning fat for hours after your workout.

From a PT perspective, what advice would you give to readers who have two weeks to get in shape fast for their summer holiday?
One key to looking lean and showing stomach muscles is cardio, cardio, cardio! I suggest mixing up your routine and doing intervals instead of slow and steady cardio. This way your body is burning more calories due to the change in pace, so you can achieve more results in a shorter period of time - AND IT'S LESS BORING TOO.
Another key is to watch what you eat. A meal that focuses on fresh, natural and unprocessed foods is ideal. Aim for simple home cooked meals based around protein, good fats, and clean, slow burning carbs. Also drink lots of water and eat green vegetables. Plenty of green veggies will provide your body with phytonutrients to trigger your metabolism.


What’s your holiday wardrobe style?
Board shorts, t-shits, flip-flops, cap, sunglasses and pair of training shoes.
Must have item for at the beach?
A surfboard
Pool or sea?
What smell reminds you of holiday the most and why?
Sea Food, because it means I'm probably by the beach - my favourite place on earth.
Where is the best beach you’ve ever visited?
Boston Bay - Jamaica
How do you adapt your diet on holiday to fit in with local foods or what is available at the hotel?
I don’t find difficult to keep eating healthy while on holiday. Inside or outside of the hotel it is an easy task nowadays to find some grilled chicken or fish, vegetables, green salads and a nice red wine.
If you could take one piece of workout equipment in your case what would it be and why?
Resistance band. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise: chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even squat without the need for weights. These bands are lightweight and easily portable. You can stash them in your suitcase when travelling and use them to get a good workout in your hotel room - pr maybe outside to enjoy the sunshine!
What would be swimwear piece and beachwear piece from the Melissa Odabash SS16 collection would you chose to spoil your wife with?
I would definitely choose the Palm Triangle Bikini in Cruise, it's such a classy style and the Karen in Navy would be nice to wear over the top when we want to go out and explore.

Arguably the most likable man in fitness, Tiago's energy is electric. Born in Brazil, expect verve, passion and soul from the 1Rebel Fitness Trainer. With a focus on functional and athletic fitness, Tiago will push you closer to those goals and help you achieve the body you desire. Tiago believes you will never know your limits, unless you push yourself to them. Tiago has become one of the most sought after personal trainer's in London thanks to over 3 years experience competing in Ironman distance triathlons and his distinguished competitive and affective sports performance background that he applies into all his training programmes.
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