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Avedon Warhol @ The Gagosian Gallery

We all know that Melissa loves to nourish her design-mind whenever possible and be inspired all year round; this can be done by travelling the globe, visiting souks, street markets and even vintage shopping - but this month, Melissa took a trip to a London art gallery to get her creative fix.

The Gagosian Gallery, Britannia Street in London is currently playing host to an innovative exhibition which has fused together the works of both Avedon & Warhol.

As a keen art-enthusiast this showcase quickly became a must-do on Melissa's itinerary and it's not hard to see why.

Both of these artists created an abundance of work which helped shape the evolution of pop-culture in the American post-war period, meaning this is a real feast for the eyes both visually and with the subjects involved. The works show a clear story of progression documented over a substantial time period, as well as the emerging prominence that photography and print experienced in the art world towards the end of the twentieth century.

Both born in the 1920s, Avedon and Warhol helped to further the emergence of the celebrity and therefore have similar muses in their work, in fact there are so many major icons featured in this presentation, at times it feels as though you are walking through the Hollywood Hall of fame!
Expect to see famous faces from the silver screen and previous White House residents juxtaposed with gritty, hard-hitting images; including Jacqueline Kennedy whilst in mourning from 1964 and even a portrait of Warhol himself, exposing his chest to show to display harrowing scars obtained by an attack carried out by Valerie Solanas.

This spectacle is one of extremes, from black and white photography, to bright and engaging prints and is without a doubt worth a visit.

Showing until the 23rd of April.

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