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Melissa's Recommendations: Sinless Snacks

We know that at times keeping up with our New Year resolutions may be easier said than done. We may slip into unhealthy snacking due to our guilty food pleasures... we're only human.

It's ok! Fight the urge and satisfy your snack cravings while considering your waistline! Stay on track to your bikini body with our Sinless Snack alternatives!

Melissa's Recommendations

"Natural is always the best way to go! To ensure that you are receiving the proper nutrients from all natural sources, try going to your local Wholefoods to pick up some unsalted almonds and organic fresh grapes. These easy and low maintenance snacks are perfect for those who find it hard to balance career, social life and staying healthy!

Kale chips are also available at your local Wholefoods, however, we suggest whipping up a homemade batch! These are very easy to make by tossing chopped kale in a small amount of coconut oil and then baking the chips in the oven until crispy. This method of cooking retains all the nutritional value of the kale, creating a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack that tastes great, satisfies those savoury cravings and provides plenty of vitamins.

As nutritional as popcorn is, it can often be disguised by lots of butter and too much salt. To avoid unnecessary calories and high cholesterol, we suggest Skinny Girl Popcorn, created by Real Housewives star & entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel with Orville Redenbacher. With only 25 calories per cup, this recent collaboration offers a lighter twist on popcorn with fewer calories and better ingredients!


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