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Friday Fix: Beach Hair Don't Care!

As we enter our 2nd week of September, the last of us are returning to our desks from our holidays, escorting our little ones on their first day of school, and re-adjusting to our daily routines while daydreaming about the coconut cocktails we had in St. Barts just last week. We find remnants of sand in our beach totes and ask ourselves, how long will my tan last? Would I be able to re-create that fresh-caught ceviche we had on our boat that day? And how on earth am I going to get my hair back to normal after all that sun & salt-water? We've got the ticket for your hair qualms, and with a name like 'Hair After the Sun', what else could you need? Besides, Melissa is all for the sexy and easy beach-hair look, but all in moderation. Our hair needs sunblock, and soothing cream after a burn just like our skin does, ladies! A little T.L.C. for your locks never hurt anyone.

Sachajuan, founded in 1997 in Stockholm, crafts its hair medicine by combining algae-based 'Ocean Silk Technology' enriched with proteins and minerals to counter harmful UV exposure, restore much-needed moisture, and build strength. This specialized concoction tames and deeply replenishes that brittle, hay-like hair thing that always happens to us when we are having fun in the sun without leaving it greasy. Whether you're in the ocean, or taking a dip in your chlorine-filled pool, both are equally harsh on your strands. After all, your loved one will appreciate it when he runs his fingers through your hair after a joyous day in the sun. Not sure about you, but finger-locking locks are our ABSOLUTE worst nightmare! So yeah, pass us the bottle pretty please, and thank you!

Hair After the Sun is key as the summer comes to a close, but Sachajuan didn't leave those of us with our hair still IN the sun hanging. Funny enough, the accompanying product is called just that-- Hair in the Sun.

Hair in the Sun is a leave-in serum that has a full-coverage UV-filter. Acting as a sunblock for your hair, it protects your locks from harmful rays during sun exposure, and saves you that expensive colorist visit from going to waste. This will stay on the hair through rinsing, a dip in a pool, or a swim in the ocean. This serum only retires its duty when you shampoo your hair. And the bonus? It even acts as a light styling cream, in case you want to control those pesky fly-aways and achieve that sleek ponytail look! Those boat rides can be rather windy.

So ladies, what is the lesson of the day? Treat your hair with the same integrity as your skin.
If you're applying sunscreen by the pool, remember to immediately whip out the Hair in the Sun. If you're at home tending to your sunburns with a soothing Aloe gel, remember to have the Hair After the Sun at arms reach! Your hair will shine for you with gratitude.

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