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  • Apple
  • Athletic
  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Top Heavy
  • The Shape


    The Details

    • The apple figure will tend to have defined legs and arms along with more narrow hips and a fairly undefined waist

    • Highlight your lean legs with high cut bikini bottoms and elongate your silhouette with ruched swimsuits particularly dark, solid colours to draw more attention to your legs

    • Choose a seamless finish to ensure the swimsuit doesn’t cut in and creates a smooth figure

    • Choose suits that offer an adjustable waist band that you can fold over or adjustable ties, thus making the swimwear fit the way you need it to

  • The Shape


    The Details

    • The athletic figure is well proportioned, toned and tends to be a smaller build

    • Halter neck tops work well if you are slender on top – go for more feminine prints and brighter colours

    • One piece swimsuits really accentuate a toned figure as long as they are cut in a more feminine way

    • Cut out one pieces work with perfectly proportioned, petite frames

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    athletic bikini
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  • The Shape


    The Details

    • Women with an hourglass figure tend to have wide hips and busts which contrast with a very narrow waist, creating silhouette which resembles an old-fashioned hourglass

    • Triangle bikinis work really well with this body type as it really shows off your curves

    • One of the easiest shapes to dress as almost any style from bandeau to halter neck will suit this hourglass shape

  • The Shape


    The Details

    • Women with pear figures tend to be wider around the hips and waist with a narrow bust

    • Over the shoulder suits will broaden the shoulders, and you can move the straps out far on the shoulders so they match where the hips are

    • Look for padding, rings, pleats on the bikini top so it draws attention away from the lower half an balances your body, and look for hidden elastic bottoms so no digging into the skin

    • Try bright colours like pinks and greens

  • The Shape

    Top Heavy

    The Details

    • This generally translates to broad shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips and slim legs

    • Triangle, string bikinis work well if you have the confidence to show off what you have! They work well if you can increase the width of triangle under the bust

    • Look for tops with ruching cups and hidden under wire so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a bra on the beach

    • If you are not comfortable with baring all, a ruched top works well with a wider cup and a supportive band under the cup with a tie back and tie neck to adjust the lift that you need

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