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  • Easter Detox - Tailored Exercise Routines

    The long weekend of over indulgence may seem a distant memory now we are back to the daily grind, but our bulging tummies are unfortunately providing a prominent reminder of the one-too-many meals we ate over the last five days. Oops!

    With Easter out the way it is time to turn our focus to Summer and with the lovely sunny weather serving as a polite reminder that bikini season is now right around the corner we thought we would lend a hand to your post-Easter exercise regime.
    As the saying goes 'This month's choices are next month's body.'

  • Post Thanksgiving Dinner Workout

    After a day of Thanksgiving turkey, mash potatoes, and dinner rolls, you may be left feeling guilty about your holiday dinner consumption. After all, our weight tends to creep up on us this time of the year and the holidays are upon us, which means tasty temptations and loads of leftovers.

    No need to be alarmed!

    We've found the perfect circuit exercise with five simple moves to diminish dinner calories and boost your burn!

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