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  • Music Motivation

    We all know how hard Monday's can be - the first day back at work, the day the diet gets back on track and the day we work off the weekends splurges; which is why this week we are dedicating our Motivational Monday post to a motivational song to get us all through the week.


  • Bootea Motivation

    As the very last Monday of the month we decided this week’s ‘Monday Motivation’ would be a little different from our usual motivational smoothie recipe and instead we bring you the latest health kick craze- the ‘Teatox’.

  • Strawberries & Cream Wimbledon Refresher

    Here at Odabash head office we have come up with a delicious super summer smoothie to kick start the Wimbledon season. Our Strawberries and Cream Smoothie takes a healthy twist on the classic Wimbledon treat with some very nutritiously yummy ingredients.

  • AquAllure

    Monday's can sure drag on, and the thought of engaging in any type of exercise after a relaxing weekend can seem overwhelming.

    So here at Odabash HQ we have selected the perfect post-weekend/holiday preparation work out to relieve you of any food sins that may have been committed this past weekend!

    AquAllure is a new revolutionary water cycling workout which beats the sweat and pain of a spinning class any day!

  • Sun Salutation

    For those of you who are currently reading this via an iPad, sipping a Mojito by the pool or lounging in front of a turquoise ocean, we suggest you take a few minutes to unwind with 'The Sun Salutation' yoga routine - a perfect opportunity to make the most of your relaxing break and take in the beauty of the scenic views.

  • Beach Body Blitz

    With only a week to go until many of you will be jetting away for a well-deserved Easter break, we are sure 'the fear' is setting in.; and by that, we are reffering to the worry of not looking your best on the beach, that many women experience in the lead up to their holiday.

    Not to worry though, the Odabash team are here with their top tips for giving your body a good blitz before you hit the beach; some small adjustments you can make to your diet and lifestyle that will make a big difference to your body confidence.

  • NutriBullet: Energy Elixir Smoothie Recipe

    Over the past week at Odabash head office, we've been sampling our new health-kick kitchen addition - the nutribullet!

    An upgrade from our standard, run of the mill blender, the nutribullet claims to unlock hidden nutrition by completely breaking down the seeds, skins and stems to access the phytonutrients inside the foods we eat.

  • 3 Ways to Wear: The Martinique

    Treating yourself to a Melissa Odabash piece for your holiday is a great way to ensure you will look your best on the beach.
    However we know how hard it can be to master the transition of beach to bar; a well thought out capsule holiday wardrobe is the key so here's our answer to your fashion dilemmas with our '3 ways to wear' - showing you just how to get the best of your beachwear investment.


  • The Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

    Here at Odabash we're a fairly healthy bunch, but that doesn't mean we're not vulnerable to a 3 o'clock sweet tooth.
    We all try and wean ourselves off the diet demons like chocolate, coffee and carbs, at no avail - so after an encouraging encounter with yoga expert Chris James, we've taken it upon ourselves to commit to the 12 day Mind & Body Cleanse.

    With over 12 years of practice in teaching yoga and remedial yoga therapy across the world, Chris James is a sought after name on the international yoga circuit and prides himself on a 'strong One-to-One approach'.

    With an aim to "inspire you to transform the relationship you have with yourself and your own lifestyle"; to cleanse your system, aid with weightloss and boost energy levels by 100%, the Chris James 12 Day Mind & Body Cleanse has great expectations.

    After recieving a comprehensive booklet of recipes and tips by Chris James himself, a unique collection of the highest quality supplements and a day-by-day easy to follow program, you will commence with the cleanse.

    Starting with the Preparation phase which lasts 1-3 days and focuses on ensuring you are equipped with the right mind as well as foods before you start your cleanse.
    A juicer is vital in your kitchen, and the understanding that certain foods will be eliminated to make way for introducing the alkaline-forming foods that are better for you, and easier to digest.

    The next phase: Pre-purification demands as much raw food to be consumed as possible in preparation for the Power phase. This phase you can start to increase the supplements to aid the cleanse and promote a healthy balance of bacteria.

    Moving on to the most demanding but rewarding phase - the Power phase. No meals are to be consumed but raw, fresh juices for 3 days. The body gets to have a break from normal food and has a chance to eliminate the toxins absorbed from a modern-day diet. We are reassured that even though this will be a liquid based diet, hunger will stay at bay thanks to the Supercleanse supplement which will aid in making you feel full. It is reccommended to be endured over the weekend, where you will have the opportunity to distract yourself from food temptation.

    To finalise is the Maintenance phase where your digestive system has been given a full cleanse and it is time to slowly introduce solid food. Introducing fruit first, then vegetables, taking thing slowly. This is the time where we epect to see the amazing, rewarding results in our commitment to the cleanse - a refreshed mind, clean digestive system and high energy levels.
    Some people even claim they have felt 10 years younger!

    We're not going to say that it won't be hard, but we can definitely say it will be rewarding.

    Get your Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse Pack now at Chris James Cleanse Online

  • Summer Fruit Smoothie!

    Pick yourself up on a Monday morning with our quick and easy summer fruit smoothie recipe!
    With blueberries, raspberries and strawberries this smoothie is packed with antioxidants and fibre to help you detox from an indulgent weekend!
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