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Coconut - The Queen of Oils

1) Enrich your eyelashes - Coconut oil can help to strengthen hair, and can be used on your eyelashes to maintain length and thickness; Apply some oil to a cotton-bud and spread on your lashes before bed for healthy lashes.

2) Moisturized Tresses – For a natural alternative to chemically infused hair products, use Coconut oil to hydrate ends of your hair.
It can also be used to tame frizz, fly-aways and calm dry ends by supplying a natural source of moisture, a loss of which is the bandit behind naughty hair. Simply rub a pea size amount onto the tips of your hair, and then wash as you would regularly.

3) Swap for your shaving cream - Coconut oil is a brilliant way to get a close shave whilst hydrating your skin, and is great for those with sensitive skin! A chemical-free, organic and cost-friendly way to ensure your legs are silky smooth all year-round.

4) Make At-Home Waxing easier - Coconut oil can be used to eliminate surplus wax from your skin, or from any other surfaces that may have got a little messy in the process! Just apply some of the oil onto the area that’s tacky, and wash with a warm cloth to remove any residue.

5) Clean your makeup brushes – Make up artists can’t stress enough how important it is to clean your make up brushes, to ensure they are bacteria free and remove any product build up that may affect the application of your make up. Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that you can use to clean your brushes once a week; this will also maintain the condition of the bristles and increase lasting power.

6) Soften and deodorize your feet – Your feet should never be forgotten about in your beauty regime. Before you go to sleep simply apply a generous layer of coconut oil and pop some socks on. In the morning your feet will not only be deodorised due to the antibacterial properties but also moisturized, just like you've stepped out of the salon's after a pedi!

7) Make a natural face-mask – Coconut oil can also improve your complexion and reveal brighter, clearer skin when used as an intensive mask to provide moisture and vitamins. Add a dollop of honey to 2 tbsps to create an antibacterial face mask. Apply to a clean face and leave to moisturise for up 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Coconut oil can also be used to remove make up (even waterproof mascara!)

8) Mix it with your make-up – Save that favourite lipstick of yours that's almost coming to end by combining it with some coconut oil! Use the leftover lipstick in the bullet, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and decant into a small pot to create your DIY moisturizing lip gloss!

8) Use it as a cleaning product – A brilliant natural alternative to cleaning products, coconut oil is great at ridding your bath or shower of bacteria build-up. This is a great idea to swap for your chemically enhanced products; and can also be used on metal, wood and leather.

9) Use it on your pets - Coconut oil is very beneficial for pet’s fur. You can use the oil on pet’s hair just as you would on your own to keep it healthy and shiny. By adding a small amount to their diet, you can also boost their overall health.

10) Aid with weightloss - To stop those 4pm cookie cravings and increase the amount of fat you are burning, add some coconut oil to your diet! Whether it's adding it to a salad dressing, using it as an alternative to your cooking oil or as a substitute for butter, a little coconut oil in your diet will go a long way; and will aid with weightloss, particularly abdominal fat.

The Coconut oil trend is finally catching on and can now be found at your local grocery store, and at a reasonable cost!

Our favourites include; Boots, Coconut Oil 100ml, £2.54

Ocado Online, Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine 470ml, £4.79

Holland and Barrett, Perfectly Pure Pure Coconut Oil, 453g, £15.49

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