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    • Waxing 101: Ministry of Waxing Tells All

      When the last few months have been spent hiding your pins underneath trousers and tights and your Winter getaway is soon approaching, it's time to fight any unwanted fur and get yourself feeling beach confident. For most women that signifies the dreaded chore of shaving or maybe even an hour of pain for a meticulously smooth bikini line - but for Ministry of Waxing expert and head trainer Chloe Scriminger, prepping your body for the beach should be about as pain-free as your blow dry and mani-pedi. Having specialised in advanced hair removal techniques for the last 7 years - if there's anyone to give the lowdown and do's and don'ts of waxing - It's Chloe!

    • Dr Rita Rakus

      Every now and then, our complexions, bodies and skin all need a pick me up - especially when we've all enjoyed a good dose of sunshine; and when Melissa need's hers, she looks to an expert in non-invasive dermatology, Dr. Rita Rakus. After weeks of admiring Melissa's radiant complexion, we couldn't wait any longer and contacted Dr. Rakus to find out exactly what her secrets are...

    • Be Your Own Bond Girl

      With the launch of Spectre upon us, we're celebrating some of Bond's most iconic bikinis and proving that anyone can relive the iconic Bond Girl moment in Melissa Odabash. So whether your a Sixties Siren like Ursula Andress or prefer some noughties nostalgia like Halle Berry, make sure you emerge from the ocean in style...

    • Talk The Trends: Monochrome + Minimalism

      Think streamline swimwear, ethereal silhouettes and plenty of Monochrome...

    • Friday Fix: SHOWstopping Morning Hair

      Well, we're guessing we aren't just speaking for ourselves when we say that getting out of bed at the sound of our alarms has become MUCH more difficult this week.

      We are now comfortably into the month of October and now that mornings are getting darker and colder, any shortcuts we can use as part of our morning routines are now being implemented to help us stay snuggled up in our duvets for a few extra minutes and as a busy working mother juggling dropping children at school and a morning workout, all before getting into the office at 9am Melissa is always looking for a way to help free up time. Recently, she has thankfully found the perfect product to add both efficiency and luxury to anyone's AM - SHOW Beauty's Premiere Dry Shampoo.

    • Monday Motivation - Become Cindy

      This Monday our Motivation for the week ahead is icon of the moment Cindy Crawford.

      This multi-tasking lady is not only a supermodel, but also charity ambassador, mother and now author. The recent launch of her debut book 'Becoming' by Cindy Crawford has meant that although she has been jet-setting from country to country over the last few weeks, Cindy has continued to look immaculate at every moment.

      Whilst finally getting some down-time in Miami from her hectic schedule she got chance to spend some quality time with her husband and they decided to visit our favourite place - the beach!
      Of course, she was also seen flaunting her fabulous figure in some Melissa Odabash swimwear and beachwear and not for the first time may we add!
      Is it biased for us to say we love her taste?

    • Friday Fix: The Wonders of Dry Brushing

      If we could name one beauty routine that Melissa frequents, it would be Dry Brushing.
      She has been an avid dry brusher long before its recent popularity.
      It seems as though Kale, Kombucha, and Dry Brushes have all been using the same publicist lately!

      All jokes aside, we are feeling a bit gloomy with the realization that summer has hastily escaped us, but why not enter this transition with a graceful 'shedding' ?

      dry brushing

    • Monday Motivation - Autumnal Shades

      It's now the month of October and in our office there is definitely a consensus that Autumn has finally arrived in London today.

      Although darker mornings and earlier evenings are hardly something to celebrate, as far as we are concerned the colour palette that comes along with Autumn definitely is worth getting excited about. It's without a doubt that we will be warmly welcoming a variety of beiges, browns, olives, rusts and golds into our wardrobes over the coming months and there's no excuse for this not to translate into your holiday wardrobe!

      So this Monday - motivate yourself to be on trend and reflect the beautiful autumnal tones from nature in your outfit choices.

    • #WearItPink

      As an Ambassador for Breast Cancer Charity Future Dreams, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is very important to Melissa and as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime it's important to remember that your boobies are as important as your bikinis!

      This annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease is an amazing opportunity for women to discuss any concerns and scares more openly.
      Most people are aware of breast cancer, yet with such hectic lives it's so easy to let regular check-ups slip your mind and many ladies forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages - which is why bringing this to the forefront of our minds is SO important.

    • Friday Fix: LFW SS16 The Make Up Trend Round-Up

      The Fashionistas may have already moved onto Milan, but here at Odabash HQ we are still working our way through our endless Instagram feeds (not that we're complaining) to make sure we didn't miss any key looks from London. After all, it may be the shortest of the worldwide fashion weeks, but oh my do we cram a lot of fashion into those five days!

      Unfortunately there wasn't much swimwear to be seen on the runway, so we thought it was best to do a make up trend round-up for this week's Friday Fix, as we all know Melissa is a huge fan of beauty and experimenting with new products and trends.

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