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    • Ask the Expert: Vanita Parti - BlinkBrowBar Founder

      A decade after founding the hugely succesful blinkbrowbar Vanita Parti takes the time to talk us through what motivated her to become an entrepreneur and changing a whole sector of the beauty industry.

    • TREND ALERT - Sunset Hues

      With summer in full swing what better shades are there to wear and celebrate the season with, than those of hots climates. Amass a holiday wardrobe consisting of the colours that are showcased at sun set, and for wearing whilst you watch it dip behind the horizon of the the ocean and sit sipping on a cocktail...

      Think striking reds, burnt oranges and bright yellows as well as every shade in between!

    • Melissa Recommends - Paddleboarding on the Thames

      This summer find a unique way to cool off and hop onto a paddleboard for some aqua-orientated exercise.
      You may think that it's necessary to fly to hotter climes to participate in this certain sport, but we have great news - there are multiple places in the wonderful city of London where paddleboarding is on offer!

      As a lover of fitness and all water-sports Melissa is always keen to find ways of doing these in London and is thrilled that paddleboarding is now an option in the city she calls home.

      Thanks to Active360 paddleboarding there are multiple places throughout our capital including; Paddington, Putney, Kew Bridge and Brentford lock where you can venture out into the waters - meaning not only are you spoilt for choice but also that there are various city locations which you can explore and take in.

    • Poolside Playlist

      For those of you who are yet to go on your summer holiday there's on major plus...
      All the summer songs have now been released and you can take your pick from the best tracks of the season to either chill out to by the pool, or help you get in the party mood whilst you sunbathe.

      Here's a selection of some of our favourites which cover both options. Expect lots of upbeat happy vibes, more mellow melodies and the odd retro summer tune . Enjoy!

    • Destination Looks - August

      It's the month of August and what better place is there to venture to switch off, relax and cool off than the beautiful isles of Greece.

      Think pure, clean and bright whites with pops of blue to match the glistening ocean that surrounds you. Whether you're island hopping or staying in one place there will still be plenty of opportunities to flaunt a fabulous Melissa Odabash wardrobe.

    • Melissa's Moodboard - The Nautical Print

      We're feeling a little inspired by all the A-Listers that just happen to be getting papped on fabulous holidays in the South of France at the moment... and whether it's St Tropez, Nice or Antibes you're visiting a Nautical print bikini should be your must have item to look the epitome of style.

      This season saw the return of a classic blue and white stripe which was used for three different bikini styles - after all what swimwera style is more timeless and renowned than that of the French Riviera?
      See the inspiration behind the print below and shop the bikinis that suit your figure - for a smaller bust the bandeau Sumatra is a great style to help enhance and create curves, for those customers who need a little more support and coverage the classic Grenada style is a go to and finally if you fancy adding something a little different into your bikini collection, go for the new over-the-shoulder Verona - the bralette style really is flattering on so many shapes!

    • Beach Body Confidence - Competition Time!

      Now that the sunshine has made an appearance and the feel good vibes of summer are in full swing we felt it was only appropriate to celebrate by teaming up with our good friends at Vita Liberata and launching another fabulous competition.

      So, now everyone’s jetting off to sunnier shores the main question on our lips is are you beach body ready? Well in our opinion EVERYONE should answer yes to that!

      Here at Melissa Odabash we believe everyone is beach body ready, as long as you have confidence. There’s no need to cleanse, detox, or go crazy in the gym and you most definitely CAN eat ‘carbs before Marbs’. In an age where social media constantly pressures us into believing there’s only one version of the ultimate beach body it’s important to take a step back and realise that as long as you are happy and confident in yourself you are beach ready. After all, it’s better to have a fun and rounded life than obsess over your figure - especially in summer!

      Whatever your shape or size swimwear season can be tough, as we all have our own insecurities when it comes to putting on a swimsuit or bikini. We know that having beach body confidence can sometimes be a bit easier said than done, so that’s why we’ve put together some helpful hints and tips below to help you feel your very best.

    • Ask the Expert: Clara Anderson - VIP Tanning and Training Expert

      A-Lists events and naked bodies... all just a typical day in the life of Vita Liberata's VIP Tanning and Training Expert Clara. We can't wait to find out more...

    • TREND ALERT - Au Natural

      What better way is there to show off a glowing tan than with neutral shades. Use nature's palette to enhance your skin shade and look chic in the process with these striking and versatile swimwear and beachwear pieces.

      You can't go wrong with a classic palette and these styles are also perfect for doubling up as your festival fashions - after all you're not just limited to the beach!

    • Happy National Daiquiri Day!

      On a beautiful hot, summer's day like today it's all to appropriate that we are celebrating National Daiquiri Day!

      For all you holidaygoers out there the Frozen Daiquiri is always a mandatory beach go-to and it got us to thinking about what other cocktails we should be drinking when we visit other sunny spots around the globe...

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