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    Friday Fix: Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, & Repeat

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    Melissa Odabash Blog

    • Friday Fix: Exfoliate, Rejuvenate, & Repeat

      They say that the face is the 'Entryway to the Self'. Well ladies, that's a LOT of pressure on our hands(and cheeks).

      Being that our face is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember, it has always been a priority here at Odabash HQ to discover and share the latest on how to keep our 'Entryway to the Self' looking fresh & pampered. Melissa, being the beauty & skincare maven that she is, resides on the front lines when it comes to the newest potions, and we get to hear it from her first. Her latest obsession? The exfoliate foaming cleanser, by suki® skincare.

      suki exfoliate cleanser

    • Monday Motivation: The Yummy Mummy

      What could be more motivating on a Monday morning when you can't get out of bed to make your personal training session than thinking about the women who have still done all of the above with a child or two in tow! This Monday we are celebrating two of our favorite yummy mummy's who have shown the world that having a baby doesn't write off wearing a bikini...

    • Friday Fix: A Gift From Mother Nature

      Well, we don't know about you, but as amazing as summer is it does come with a few pitfalls.

      Whether that's skin drying out from the warm weather (in theory - because someone NEEDS to remind August that it's MEANT to be sunny and hot!), getting itchy stings thanks to the wasps who fancy a sip of your Pimm's or getting those dry heels which seem to emerge as soon as we start wearing any form of summer sandal - the struggle is real ladies!

      However, this summer these worries have been a thing of the past for Melissa and she has kindly let us in on her secret - Pommade Divine's Nature's Remedy Balm which has 'been taking care of generations of families since 1800' and helps to soothe, protect and repair any dry or sensitive skin as well as reducing the chances of scarring.
      It sounds like just what we need!

      First Image

    • Destination Style: The English Getaway

      With the final bank holiday of the Summer just around the corner, it's time to get your dose of British charm with a luxury English getaway where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Take a trip down to the coast, delve into the countryside or just step outside of London with a wardrobe that makes the most of the final flickers of summer.

    • Monday Motivation - The Blogger Body

      This week's Monday Motivation has taken on somewhat of a Monday Muse theme, as we have been inspired by two of our favorite fashion bloggers who were both looking fabulous in their Odabash swimwear this weekend!

      Not only do these ladies have wardrobes to die for - including some staple Melissa Odabash pieces naturally, but they also have the fabulous bikini bodies show the swimwear looking at it's best.

      Looking at these stunning holiday snapshots from Rosie Londoner and In The Frow this morning fortunately helped us to put down the mid-morning biscuits and pick up a handful of seeds instead as thanks to these lovely ladies we now we have the motivation of real women, showing us that achieving a smoking bikini body IS possible.

      Rosie In The Frow

      With some of the office still waiting for their summer holidays to come round, these pictures have provided the perfect little reminder to stay on the straight and narrow with a balanced diet and keep our gym attendance up - just until summer's over anyway.
      Living a healthy lifestyle enabling you to feel confident on the beach is so important and so we thank our Monday Muse's for reminding us of that and inspiring us to stay on track for the week ahead!

      If you want to shop the look of Rosie Londoner and In The Frow simply click here to purchase our Angola Bikini in Thin Stripe which is now a steal thanks to our 2015 sale launching today!

      We take no responsibility if your fingers get a little click happy once you start browsing these irresistible reductions...

    • Friday Fix: The Ultimate Summer Survival Kit

      Are you ladies as fond of the Birchbox craze as much as we are?

      Developed by two fierce, female Harvard Business School entrepreneurs Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna, the idea for a monthly subscription box full of sample-sized beauty products was born. For those of us that do most of our shopping online and don't have the time to hit the nearest Sephora (our favorite) to test something out, this box full of luxe products is the answer. They even go as far as customizing the goods, based on your beauty profile. Whether you have curly or straight locks, dry or combo skin, they select the best for you and only you. We absolutely love that. Because let's face it, beauty comes in so many facets.

      summer-ready kit birchbox

    • Brilliantly Bronzed with The Organic Pharmacy

      The summer holidays are still in full swing, with people still jetting back and forth from various envy-inducing vacations and filling our social media news feeds with beach-side selfies, it means that fabulous tans are popping up here, there and everywhere on a weekly basis.

      It's fair to say that a golden glow is the ultimate summer-time accessory and thanks to The Organic Pharmacy, whether you are spending the rest of summer at home, or will soon be off on your travels, they have every tanning need covered!

      Free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances, The Organic Pharmacy promise Organic and Fairtrade ethics to deliver peace of mind as well as high quality skincare

      Whether you need an SPF to protect your skin from the rays in a tropical destination, a Tan Accelerator to help speed the bronzing process along or an after sun for that day you got a little carried away basking in the sun, we love the Organic Pharmacy for our SPF essentials and for those of us whose summer holidays are now nothing more than a distant memory, there is even a fake-tan to help keep up appearances of sun-kissed skin!

    • Top 5 Summer Beach Reads

      There's nothing like losing yourself in the world inside your new book as you laze in a hammock by the ocean, so whether your a true romantic, have a gut instinct for murder-mystery or like to take your down time to focus on mental wellness, we've got a novel for you to get stuck into this summer...
    • Monday Motivation - Factor in the Essential Fats

      This week's Monday Motivation discusses the importance of including essential fat in your diet and way to do that this lunch time (or any other lunchtime) to start your week right!
      Here at Odabash Head Office we try to stay on the straight and narrow and have a salad for lunch whenever possible, particularly on a Monday, after all, how else will we ease our conscience after a weekend of eating ALL the wrong things? Oops.

      Recently we decided to spice things up and use a different source of protein in our lunch-time salads and as a result it's fair to say we are now all pretty addicted to... MACKEREL.

      School of Mackerel

    • Style Escapes: Grecian Goddess

      In the peak of summer, we often find ourselves heading to the alluring white sands and turquoise Ionian seas of Greece; and whether your heading to Santorini for a contemporary beach break or Athens for a week of culture and coast, we've got the key pieces that your suitcase can't be without to help you embrace your inner goddess!

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